Welcome to our blog. For more than 20 years, we have written about the benefits of doing business in Switzerland via Swiss Trust Companies and Swiss Trust Company Ownership. Therefore, much of our focus here might frequently be the advantages of owning a Vintage Swiss Trust Company. We will, however, also cover many other topics relevant to international business such as asset protection, captive insurance, captive banks, and opening new markets. It is our hope that you enjoy and come back often.

Swiss Trust Company Ownership

Posted On October 23, 2015
Industry Case Study #1: Financial Services In this ongoing series we will offer a look at how specific industries have utilized the Swiss Trust Company business tool for profit & asset protection. Summary: Alternative to Bank Ownership The client (name withheld) is an owner of a multi-platform merchant banking and development concern. They wish to […]... Read more

Be Inspired!

Posted On June 1, 2015
Entrepreneurship is nothing without inspiration. Over the years, we have had the rare opportunity to meet and talk with some very well-known and thought-provoking personalities. Below we have provided you links to a few of those interviews. As summer comes into focus, we hope you find these enjoyable. All the best and hope you have […]... Read more

Tools for Your Business: Funding!

Posted On May 15, 2015
Every day we pursue our passion to find or create unique tools which provide business owners, and those striving for individual success, a competitive advantage. Below we introduce just such an item and offer you our perspective on its significance. We hope you find it to be useful and very much appreciate your taking a […]... Read more

Offshore IPOs

Posted On May 8, 2015
  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Offshore IPOs Date: 5 November 2013 For the benefit of our clients, Corb7 International, Inc. has signed on ongoing affiliate agreement to act as a referring agent with Swiss International Finance Group AG, a renowned firm specializing in capital raises and post-listing services on various European stock exchanges.  This firm in […]... Read more

1982 Swiss Trust Company for Sale!

Posted On April 30, 2015
We now have a Swiss Trust Company established in 1982 immediately available. This is a new offer and for the right individual or company could be an outstanding opportunity for 2015 business planning. Please keep in mind we have done all the groundwork for you and will provide a complete turnkey acquisition which saves you […]... Read more

“The Beauty of Switzerland”

Posted On April 16, 2015
Please Click on Picture for Video & Enjoy Switzerland is a Business Haven Switzerland is often called “the world’s premier business haven” with its exceedingly friendly business culture and a world-class infrastructure second to none.   One of the most important industries within Switzerland is the iconic banking sector.  One-third of the world’s wealth resides in this tiny […]... Read more

Do Not Call List!

Posted On March 25, 2015
United States: United States – In the United States, remember that Cell Phone Numbers go public this month! This means that all cell phone numbers are being released to telemarketing companies and you will start to receive sales calls. Plus, you will be charged for these calls! Prevention – To prevent this from happening to […]... Read more

Swiss Trust Company for Sale!

Posted On March 16, 2015
We currently have a Swiss Trust Company established in 2001 immediately available. For the right individual or company this could be an outstanding opportunity for 2015 business planning. Please keep in mind we have done all the groundwork for you and will provide a complete turnkey acquisition which saves you time and money. Overview: – […]... Read more

Fraud Alert!

Posted On March 3, 2015
The US Tax Fraud Scam United States –  In the United States, the deadline to file your taxes is April 15th, which is quickly approaching.  With this cutoff date, a large increase in tax scams happens every year. Below is a notice published by the public company MoneyGram, they issue a stern warning that everyone residing […]... Read more

Tools for the Business Owner: “Lynda.com”

Posted On February 23, 2015
What is Lynda.com? Visit Site Review: Lynda.com is a tutorial site offering more than 1,000 courses over a wide range of diverse content.  Their catalog is extensive, and the instructors are superb. Courses which could be lengthy and boring when presented in a traditional format are split into easy to comprehend segments.  Titles you will find […]... Read more

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