Welcome to our blog. For more than 20 years, we have written about the benefits of doing business in Switzerland via Swiss Trust Companies and Swiss Trust Company Ownership. Therefore, much of our focus here might frequently be the advantages of owning a Vintage Swiss Trust Company. We will, however, also cover many other topics relevant to international business such as asset protection, captive insurance, captive banks, and opening new markets. It is our hope that you enjoy and come back often.

Special Report: The Unconventional Icon” (Part 4)

Posted On June 14, 2013
Reaching epidemic proportions, statistics now show that US citizens have a one in four chance of being sued during their lifetime.... Read more

Articles That You May Have Missed!

Posted On June 7, 2013
From time to time, we like to bring to your attention articles related to business that you may have missed - not headline news - frequently... Read more

Tools for the Business Owner

Posted On May 15, 2013
Every day we pursue our passion to find or create unique tools which provide business owners, and those striving for individual success... Read more

Latvia as a Safe Harbor

Posted On April 30, 2013
Terrorism in Russia has a long history which originated during the times of the Russian Empire and continues to today. The US State Department provides the following warning to the business traveler...... Read more

World Unrest Will Create Flight Capital

Posted On April 10, 2013
Every day there seems to be a new threat of war emanating from the Government of North Korea. If we set aside the rhetoric these actions can...... Read more

Special Report: “The Unconventional Icon” (Part 3)

Posted On March 8, 2013
When entering a foreign marketplace one of the most important decisions that a business owner will need to make is picking the correct legal... Read more

Reviewing an Important Article Regarding Offshore Centers in Forbes Magazine

Posted On February 15, 2013
While reviewing some old files we came across the following article which appeared in Forbes Magazine back in April of 2009. ... Read more

Offshore Banking in the US

Posted On February 8, 2013
The world economy is a very competitive market where businesses vie for profit and governments compete for investment capital on a daily basis... Read more

Tax & the “Evil” Tax Haven: A Historical Perspective

Posted On November 8, 2012
Now that the election is over and the votes have been counted, what's next for the United States and its trading partners?... Read more

Swiss Trust Company

Posted On October 23, 2012
We offer you more than 20 years experience in international structuring with a focus on worldwide trade and finance. As an established business advisory, we will find you the right Swiss Trust Company... Read more

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