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Corb7 International is an independent service provider specializing in Captive Acquisitions & Business Funding. Geared to the global entrepreneurial sector, our goal is to create cutting-edge periodicals and innovative strategies, which create new avenues of profit.

Swiss Trust Company Acquisitions:

One of our preferred methodologies is the Swiss Trust Company business model which remains as the perfect alternative to a Captive Bank and grants ownership almost limitless profit opportunities and asset protection. We are the recognized leader, innovator and specialist in the field of Swiss Trust Company acquisition. Offering more than 25 years of hands-on personal experience, the management of Corb7 International has guided more clients to successful endeavors with Swiss Trust Companies than any other alternative source. We will provide you with a true turnkey acquisition – this will include acquiring the company, Swiss administration and a legal retainer with a top law firm located in Zurich – all for one investment. Our Zurich based associates provide superb administrative services in addition to having the all-important in-house SRO license. It is our mission to save you both time and money when it comes to implementing a successful cross-border strategy. The Trust Company you choose will be FATCA and OECD compliant in addition to having been walked through a strict due-diligence process guaranteeing it to be free of any present or past liabilities. We also offer you more education materials on the subject of Swiss Trust Companies and Swiss Trust Company Ownership than can be found anywhere. Bottom-line: with offices in Beverly Hills & Zurich, we are here to serve you and make a Swiss Trust Company acquisition possible for you within three business days. If, however, there is a better option for your business plans since we are truly a neutral and independent firm, you will be guided in that direction.

Business Funding:

For business owners and entrepreneurs located in the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico, we offer two separate paths to funding. No Upfront Fee, No Financials and No Collateral are ever needed. Funding can be used for any purpose with the entire process taking from only hours to a maximum of 30 days! With the first funding path, the ideal candidate will need a credit score of 700 or better, and the typical range raised is $50,000 to $150,000. The second avenue will be solely based upon verifiable annual business revenues at a minimum of $250,000 per year, and no credit report will likely be required.

Captive Insurance Company Acquisitions:

The cost of insurance represents a considerable expense for most businesses. In recent years, premiums have skyrocketed leading many professionals to explore creative cost reduction strategies. One imaginative – yet proven – strategy is the use of wholly-owned subsidiaries to meet insurance needs, which can control or even cut expenditures. By implementing this strategy, your parent company can effectively pay premiums to second company which you own. A captive, therefore, is defined as an insurance company established in an offshore jurisdiction, created and controlled by either a parent company or professional association through which their own risk is insured. Those insured risks are frequently re-insured through a large multinational carrier. Captives can be established to self-insure part or all of property loss, product liability, work compensation, malpractice and virtually any other coverage. Consequently, the driving force behind the move to offshore captive insurance extends effectively across all industries, including, but not limited to: medical malpractice, workers’ compensation, manufacturing, financial, energy-related, and real estate developers, just to name a few. Over 350 of the Fortune 500 companies in the United States have insurance captives. As a result, Captive Insurance Companies have become a growing and significant sector of the global insurance industry. The management of Corb7 International has guided numerous clients to a successful Captive Insurance acquisition thus cutting costs and reducing risk via a reinsurance tactic.

Exit Strategies:

Looking for an exit strategy or to raise capital? Listing your company on a foreign stock exchange has become more appealing as the world market place has turned to 24-hour trading. You may find an Offshore IPO an attractive means to raising much-needed capital or for a seamless retirement strategy. For the benefit of our clients, Corb7 International, Inc. maintains an ongoing affiliate association to act as a referring agent with a prominent firm specializing in raising capital and post-listing services on various European stock exchanges. This firm provides exceptional service by assisting clients obtain a turn-key initial listing. We provide our clients this value-added service at no additional cost, and as one of the various standing agreements that Corb7 keeps in place, which continues to represent our commitment to bring outstanding service to clients.

The ideal candidate would be a viable business with proven financials of at least 3-5 years. Green and mining sectors are of particular interest at this time but overall this path is sector agnostic.  Target share capital would be between 5M to 25M.  For US based businesses, a potential additional benefit is the fact that there is no 144 restricted stock.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to keep clients on the cutting-edge of competitive advantage and perform as an advocate for international business. We accomplish this through our strategies, networks and publications which cut costs, provide asset protection and improve global market share.

Structure – Perform as an independent advisory specialized in the acquisition of financial captives.
Inform – Author informative periodicals enlightening the reader to latest multinational strategies.
Publish – Create stunning publications to both inform and entertain.
Inspire – Promote free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Business Solutions:

The recent global economic crisis has highlighted equally how fragile many of the best known financial institutions have become and the importance for entrepreneurs to have access to creative business solutions. Global markets have never been more competitive. To that end, our firm develops and implements multinational strategies that will assist you achieve your goals while protecting your family and business interests. The proper use of a multinational strategy is the ultimate business tool.

Please call us at 310-601-3545 for your complimentary consultation. If you have not already done so, you may also visit us at or gain a better knowledge of our senior management and ownership by reviewing my professional biographical page at

Best regards,

Jeffrey H. Corbett
Founder & CEO


“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Corbett and his firm Corb7 International for the outstanding service we received during our acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company. Jeff and his team made the process a true turnkey which saved us both time and money. His expertise targeted the perfect company for us to meet our specific goals while arranging for local administration we can trust. In addition, we found the materials from the Corb7 International website were by far the most informative and straightforward available. We felt very comfortable throughout the entire acquisition with all of our questions being quickly and thoroughly addressed. I would highly recommend their firm and the services they offer.”

Tom Hughes
Founding Partner, PINtronic International Network AG
Zurich – Switzerland


“Please consider this letter as an expression of my satisfaction and gratitude regarding the services provided by Jeff Corbett and his firm Corb7 International. The counsel he provided to us has been immeasurable in our effort to expand business operations overseas and go public in Europe. It has been my experience that Jeff is a true professional who holds every conversation in the highest regard. His working knowledge of Swiss Trust Companies as it relates to real world business applications is unsurpassed. I enjoyed working with him and give him my highest recommendation.”

David Feldsher
Founding Partner, PINtronic International Network AG
Zurich – Switzerland


“The capital has breathed new life into our company and opened many doors of opportunity for us to move even faster towards our goals. We really appreciate your fast and attentive service.”

James Moss
US Global Marketing Group, Project Funding Client


“Our team wants to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Jeff Corbett and his firm Corb7 International for the outstanding service we received during our acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company. Mr. Jeff Corbett and his team are exceptional professionals and precise with their goals! To always make the client feel right at home. Transparency, integrity and Jeff’s commitment to excellence is unquestionable. The partners at MVP Capital Group found the exact fit with Mr. Corbett and his Swiss Partners.

Their professional guidance targeted the perfect company for us, in-order to meet our specific goals while arranging for local administration we can trust with exceptional results. We will always highly recommend their firm and the professional services they offer.”

The entire team at MVP Capital Group Zurich – Switzerland


“Jeff is a true gentleman who is trustworthy, efficient, and highly knowledgeable and experienced in finance, legal asset protection, and provides his clients with sound ideas and custom-tailored means for helping you and your business to achieve your personal and financial goals.

On a personal note, I have known Jeff since we were young undergrads and Phi Delta Theta Fraternity Brothers at Pitt in the late 1970s. I have always been impressed by his natural leadership ability, broad outlook, and keen understanding, on both a strategic and tactical level, from quarterbacking our football team to geo-political/economic issues and finance. Leadership in any organization, large or small, emanates from the top: Jeff is both sophisticated in the ways of international business and a down-to-earth guy. Corb7 is textbook example of how a client-focused company founded and led a man with vision and insight can be of enormous benefit to you. Plus, he’s a fellow Steelers fan!”

Jeff has my highest personal and professional recommendation.

Kevin F. Danyi, JD, LLM, CLU, ChFC

Tax Attorney
President & Senior Attorney
Danyi Law Offices, P.C.
Danyi Financial Group, LLC

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