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Every day we pursue our passion to find or create unique tools which provide business owners, and those striving for individual success, a competitive advantage. Below we introduce just such an item and offer you our perspective on its significance. We hope you find it to be useful and very much appreciate your taking a moment to read our comments – Sharpen Your Memory

It’s Free and It May Even Work!


For any business owner or professional, the ability to quickly recall numbers, events or product specific knowledge provides a distinct competitive edge. Well, we came across this educational site which claims to help you do just that and thought it a good enough potential tool to bring to the attention of our readers. Developed by neuroscientists, presents a series of games and exercises designed to improve your metal abilities. Lumosity claims to be based on the science of neuroplasticity Visit Wikipedia which is the concept that the brain can change and alter itself given the right kinds of challenges. The site also provides you with a personalized training program which is designed to help define areas where you need improvement. Whether or not it really works – we will leave that for you to decide – is a subject open to much debate. We cannot help feeling, however, that this is an area that is just scratching the surface of what is bound to come in the next decade or so. We find it fascinating and would love your feedback.

Below we have provided you some addition information:

Visit Lumosity Site

Lumosity – Your brain, just brighter

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