A Swiss Trust Company has the capability to earn tremendous profits by acting as an agent for the processing of Visa, MasterCard and American Express receipts for its clients and subsidiaries. Banks typically charge between 2.5% and 5% “commissions” on processing and even greater rates for what are considered high risk industries.

The actual percentage agreed upon is negotiable throughout the relationship but there are a few determining factors:

Pre- Determined Industry Profile

Each industry is supplied with a code that associates the risk factor for chargebacks which will determine processing rates and potential reserve requirements.

Operational History

• Where is the company incorporated (important since foreign companies will have extreme difficulty processing in Europe but not subsidiaries of a Swiss institution).
• How long has company operated (incorporation date of STC! )
• Average sale per transaction
• Average monthly gross
• Average chargeback percentage

The type of Transaction

• Retail (point-of-sale)
• Telephone orders
• Financial services
• Electronic transfer

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