As the Holidays quickly approach, many business owners will be actively pursuing their year-end planning in order to lower tax profiles and set agendas for 2016. These strategies are implemented every year resulting in a lack of potential acquisition targets we can offer clients. Putting off a decision, therefore, is really not a good idea if you have been considering a Swiss Trust Company for Asset Protection or as an alternative to a Captive Bank for the coming year. We currently have two potential STCs and when they are acquired – no other opportunities will be available until well into the first quarter of next year. Therefore, as a courtesy, we thought it appropriate to being this item to your attention. Please let us know if there is anything we can do to be of assistance with your year-end cross-border planning at your earliest convenience.

Reasons to Own a Swiss Trust Company in 2015!

1) Eastern European Business Owners: To seek sanctuary from political uncertainty.

2) US Real Estate Developers: To raise & manage capital from private overseas investors to fund real estate development in the United States. Also applies to similar industries.

3) Wealthy Families or Business Partners: To use as a management tool to protect, invest and consolidate wealth by warehousing assets and segregating interests via mandate for reinvestment reflecting differing tolerance to risk.

4) South African Business Owners: Manage international profits in response to government currency controls in country of origin. Also applies to other countries with similar restrictions in place

5) Financial Services: To use as an alternative to owning a “Captive Bank” or Class B Bank. The cost of time and money to establish ownership of bank has soared while profit multiples have plummeted. Thus, a Swiss Trust Company can be an attractive alternative for international business.

6) Internet Based Business Owners: Enhance corporate profile while at the same time establishing a quality European beachhead with an outstanding professional network of attorneys and bankers.

7) Import Industry & Shipping Industry: Control transactions more efficiently and establish true corresponding bank relationships.

Please note:
Swiss Trust Companies are not a tax shelters for US Payers. All Acquisitions through our firm are FATCA and OECD compliant.

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Switzerland is a Business Haven

Switzerland is often called “the world’s premier business haven” with its exceedingly friendly business culture and a world-class infrastructure second to none. One of the most important industries within Switzerland is the iconic banking sector. One-third of the world’s wealth resides in this tiny nation.

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