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CONSULTANT:Working on your behalf as an International Business Advisory we target acquisitions and corporate structures which will reduce regulatory red-tape, lower costs, raise capital or open new avenues to profit.


AUTHOR: Geared to our entrepreneurial readership, we currently write a monthly newsletter and weekly blog that is uniquely educational and entertaining. Our second book will be out early next year.


PUBLISHER: We are proud to announce that in 2013 we will publish a new interactive magazine which will provide you yet another tool to keep on the cutting-edge of competitive advantage.


ADVOCATE: We have always been and remain to this day a stanch believer in free markets and the entrepreneurial spirit. To that end, we frequently publish or share information which is intended to either inspire or enlighten.


There is an undeniable trend in business. The global economy which is being driven by the internet might just be the largest business event of our lifetime. With that being stipulated, we feel it more important than ever for entrepreneurs to secure a business friendly hub of operations in addition to having creative avenues of funding for their projects. In the May issue of our newsletter we highlight two very important opportunities within the Captive Strategy and Funding Sections below. We hope you enjoy the entire read and do not forget to check out our website for weekly updates. Visit Our Website

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Entrepreneurship and international business is always intertwined with politics, personal motivation, innovation and government regulation. Here we offer books, articles, blogs and business tech innovations which we think worth bringing to your attention.

  • Audible.com

    If you are like most business owners you are constantly on the go and have limited time to read. Well, Amazon owned Audible.com provides a very doable solution. As a leader provider of audio books, with an impressive library to choose from, Audible.com can help you leverage your most important asset – time. We love it and it is worth your time to check it out. Click Here

  • “Talent is Overrated”

    By Geoff Colvin
    Too often outstanding performance is just written off as
    an individual being extraordinarily talented while not enough credit is given to effort. Mr. Colvin provides a fascinating study of great achievers that will influence your perspective. His concept of “Deliberate Practice” is by itself worth the time to read this work. Click Here

  • Captive Strategies

    Swiss Trust Companies

    At the risk of seemingly pounding the same old drum, we felt it important to address several more points pertaining Swiss Trust Companies. We continue to be amazed at the information that can be found on the internet regarding Swiss Trust Companies (STCs) and not in a good way. Frankly, most of it is either misleading or completely wrong. STCs are a great business tool but not a magic wand. They are not a tax shelter and will need to be appropriately capitalized once acquired. Perhaps most importantly, you will need to have an excellent administration team on the ground in Switzerland who should be an SRO (Self Regulatory Organization) for both anti-money laundering compliance and auditing reasons. Finding the right fiduciary firm on your own can be a challenge since many accounting and law firms are not familiar with Trust Company issues in Switzerland since in many ways the industry is still in its infancy. All-in-all, it is still one of the best corporate structures we have seen from the standpoint of everything that can be accomplished and asset protection for ownership.

    Additional relevant points:

    Free E-Book!

    You may want to review our new E-Book “The Complete Guide to Swiss Trust Company Ownership.” It is free and on our website. Free E-Book

    Professional Organizations

    SATC Swiss Association of Trust Companies. Click Here

    Funding Strategies

    New Business Project Funding Program

    Our new funding program is exciting and really rather simple. In an effort to provide value added services to our clients, we have established an affiliate relationship with a well established funding agent. This gives you the potential to raise capital for projects that might have previously been sent to the backburner.

    It offers the following:

    • No Upfront Fee, No Financials & No Collateral is needed.
    • Lines of Credit can be used for any purpose to grow your business.
    • Entire process only takes approximately 30 days.
    • $50,000-$150,000 is typical range of lines that are approved.

    Unfortunately, you must be a United States based business. Click Here to Inquire

    Coming Soon!

    A New Publishing Tool

    Next week we will be introducing you to a new and exciting publishing device that every business owner and blogger should be aware of! If you use video in your business this is a must see tool.

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