Welcome and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to introduce Corb7 International, Inc. As an entrepreneur, author and magazine publisher with over 20 years experience in the global marketplace, I am an unwavering advocate for business owners. My true passion is studying and coming to understand what motivates someone – like you – to take the risk to open a business and then how to maintain the necessary self–discipline to be successful. Our hope is that you find Corb7 to be both a valuable information resource and a place where cutting-edge performance tools are regularly introduced which will assist you in the ultimate goal of building your business. Please bookmark our site, subscribe to our free newsletter, and feel free to comeback often as new products and ideas are introduced....

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» “The Beauty of Switzerland”

Switzerland is a Business Haven Switzerland is often called “the world’s premier business haven” with its exceedingly friendly......   Read more

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Little taste of home brings you the best cuisines and spirits from across the country - all just a click away from your doorstep!

Hire an Independent Consultant!

Prior to spending hours researching the feasibility of an offshore project – hire an expert who will save you time and money!

Author & Business Consultant, Jeffrey H. Corbett is available as an independent authority offering more than 20 years of experience assisting clients in reducing costs and opening new markets for profit. Hire a truly independent authority on offshore markets. Consulting packages start with a retainer of $2,500... Read more

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