Welcome and thank you for allowing me this opportunity to introduce Corb7 International, Inc. As an entrepreneur, author and magazine publisher with over 20 years experience in the global marketplace, I am an unwavering advocate for business owners. My true passion is studying and coming to understand what motivates someone – like you – to take the risk to open a business and then how to maintain the necessary self–discipline to be successful. Our hope is that you find Corb7 to be both a valuable information resource and a place where cutting-edge performance tools are regularly introduced which will assist you in the ultimate goal...

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Most clients obtain ownership of a Swiss Trust Company... Read more

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Every day, we see multiple accounts emanating from various locations throughout the world – most heart-wrenching – of war torn areas...
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Prior to spending hours researching the feasibility of an offshore project – hire an expert who will save you time and money!

Author & Business Consultant, Jeffrey H. Corbett is available as an independent authority offering more than 20 years of experience assisting clients in reducing costs and opening new markets for profit. Hire a truly independent authority on offshore markets. Consulting packages start with a retainer of $2,500... Read more

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