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  • Feature: Billions of Euros Money-Laundered!
  • Business Tools: Four Social Media Tips for Your Business
  • Business Psychology: Hobbies for Different Personal Types
  • Executive Fitness: CEO Fighting Age
  • International Spirits & Cuisine: Five Italian Foods Not Found in Italy!
  • Living & Traveling Offshore: Traveling to the Amalfi Coast of Italy
  • Corb7 International Services: Learning Center

International Business


Billions of Euros Money-Laundered!

A story that is simply not getting much coverage in the United States is the case against Danske Bank, a Danish financial institution which is reportedly guilty of money-laundering  billions of euros through its Estonia branch. Even though our readership is strong in Europe, we thought this report important enough to highlight and bring before the attention of our US audience.

International Business

Business Tools

Four Social Media Tips for Your Business

Social media has changed the world in myriad ways, and that impact is likely to grow in coming years. In its report titled “Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018,” the firm GlobalWebIndex found that nearly 60 percent of users of the popular smartphone instant messaging app WhatsApp used the app more than once per day. The same report revealed that more than 55 percent of Facebook users took to the popular social networking site more than once per day.

Such figures illustrate the role that social media plays in the average person’s life while suggesting that the influence of social media remains considerable. Business owners know that thriving in the 21st century and beyond requires the utilization of social media to connect with prospective customers and promote products. But the ever-changing nature of social media can make it difficult for business owners to stay abreast of the latest trends. The following are a handful of ideas business owners can consider as they look to get more out of their social media presence.

· Periodically reassess your social media presence. A platform that’s popular today might be outdated tomorrow. Such is the nature of social media. Business owners should make a point of periodically reassessing their social media presence to ensure they’re still connecting with existing customers and enticing new customers. Follow social media trends and be sure to create profiles on new platforms that you feel can help your business grow. In addition, make sure each of your social media profiles reflects where your business is today.

· Determine what’s working. Just because there’s a new social media platform seemingly every day does not mean you need to create a new profile each day. If your business has a presence on various platforms, examine the performance of each platform, focusing on those that seem to be doing your business the most good.

· Keep your message fresh. Even your most devoted followers will grow tired of your message if it stays the same for months on end. Create social media campaigns that routinely engage your followers so they’re excited to see your updates and get involved with your business. In addition, present your campaigns differently on each platform to make the most of each platform’s particular capabilities.

· Express your appreciation to your followers. Social media is, by definition, social, so don’t forget to be sociable and thank your followers when they like a post or retweet a promotion. In addition, don’t hesitate to share a follower’s content if you find it valuable and insightful. Expressing your appreciation is a great way to build a loyal customer base, and such expressions of gratitude take just a few seconds

International Business

Business Psychology

Hobbies for Different Personalities

Hobbies can provide a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Finding the right hobby requires the consideration of a host of factors, including one’s own personality. When looking for a new hobby, adults may find that activities that suit their personalities tend to be the most gratifying.

The following are some common personality types and the hobbies they might find rewarding.

The Athlete

Athletes can pursue a host of potential hobbies or activities that will foster their love of sports. Men and women who still have a hop in their step can sign up to compete in adult sports leagues. Depending on the sport, leagues might be available to adults of various ages and skill levels, and some may even be more focused on fun than competition. For athletes who can no longer lace up their cleats, coaching youth sports or volunteering to coach at a nearby school provides a chance to stay involved even if competing is no longer possible.

The Reader

Book lovers also can channel their passions for the written word into a rewarding hobby. While reading might not seem like the most social activity, readers who want to use their love of books to grow their social networks can start a book club. People of all ages and backgrounds love to read, so starting a book club can be a great way to meet an array of people. Readers also can call their local libraries or schools to ask about reading programs for children. Volunteer to read to youngsters, helping the next generation discover the wonders of reading.

The Executive

Men and women who have experienced great success in the world of business can pursue a host of low-stress opportunities with a goal of sharing their experiences with the next generation of business leaders. Teaching a course at a local college or university is one such avenue, and executives can even offer to work with high school students interested in pursuing careers in business. Teaching and mentoring might be less traditional hobbies than crocheting or woodworking, but they still provide a way for adults to pursue their passions away from the constraints of the office.

The Traveler

Men and women who love to travel can begin writing travel blogs where they share stories of their domestic and international travels. Use the blog to offer an insider’s insight into certain cities, offering advice on obscure eateries or activities that might be off most tourists’ radars. Include photos with each blog post to attract more readers.


Executive Fitness

61 Year-Old CEO

Fight age is a noble endeavor and one which we all will face at one time or another.  We recently came across this report about Strauss Zelnick and his efforts to do the same and thought it was motivational.


Spirits & Cuisine

Italian Foods that Don’t Exist in Italy!

Americans often confuse Italian-American cuisine with authentic Italian fare found in Italy.  After recently spending time on the Amalfi Coast, we thought this might be a fun subject to review and came across this video – enjoy.


Living & Traveling Offshore

Traveling to the Amalfi Coast of Italy

Destination Hotels for the International Traveler:
Italy / Amalfi Coast – Monastero Santa Rose

Perched on the cliffs between the villages of Amalfi and Positano, this refurbished 17th-century monastery, which is now a five-star hotel and a Michelin starred restaurant delivers a majestic venue for solitude. Essentially in ruins not long ago, it has been respectfully restored and offers the visitor magnificent landscaping and unmatched views of the coastline.  Perhaps best of all, it provides its guests a reprieve from the tourist filled streets, which are common to the Amalfi Coast.  Without question one of the finest hotels in the area, this boutique hotel hosts outstanding amenities and delivers superb service. We recently toured and dined at the Santa Rosa and look forward to a return visit.  If privacy and scenery are high on your wish list, we highly recommend this hotel and the Amalfi Coast.

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