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  • Feature: The Dark Web
  • Business Tools: Time Management
  • Global Business: STC Business Model
  • Executive Fitness: Health Benefits of Avocados
  • International Spirits & Cuisine: What Makes a Craft Beer
  • Living Offshore: The Republic of Vanuatu
  • Corb7 International Services: Swiss Trust Company Ownership

International Business


The Dark Web

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We have recently seen numerous mentions of the “Dark Web” in newscasts.  It caused us to take a step back and think.  What exactly is the Dark Web?  Do most people know?  As a result of our little investigation, we found an excellent and simple explanation in the video above.  Turns out its utilized for much more than criminal enterprise.

International Business

Business Tools 

Time Management 

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The biggest challenge for many entrepreneurs is saying no to tasks which seem important but are really time-wasters.    Yes, it is possible to say no. We have to constantly self-correct on this one and thought you might too.  Therefore, we offer this four minute video gem to our fellow type “A” personality types.  There is hope.

International Business

Global Business 

The Swiss Trust Company 

What is a Swiss Trust Company? 
A Swiss Trust Company is a Non-Banking Financial business model that will operate for you as a holding entity and a flagship structure adding prestige and operational authority to any venture. A Swiss Trust Company perpetuates the legacy and tradition of the Swiss financial industry and transitions smartly into any business undertaking that you may embark on.

Why should you consider acquiring a seasoned Swiss Trust Company
Swiss Trust Companies are not banks but come as close as you can get without actually being a licensed Swiss bank. Thus, many of the authorities and advantages a bank provides become available to ownership without a large capital requirement and with much lower ongoing costs. Vintage Swiss Trust Companies bestow enormous advantages upon its owner due to its history and date of incorporation, which include the opportunity for profit & asset protection.

Why not simply incorporate a new Swiss company? 
New entities lack the credibility and goodwill offered by seasoned Trust Companies and do not carry the same weight in the eyes of relevant authorities. Thus, opening bank accounts, issuing debt & credit cards as well as conducting normal everyday business may be hindered by the young age of the corporation.  Therefore, any potential cost savings of a new corporation would likely be lost when compared with the advantages of an older Trust Company.

Why us? 
With offices in Beverly Hills & Zurich, we are here to serve you.  It is our mission to save you both time and money when it comes to implementing a successful cross-border strategy as well as make a Swiss Trust Company acquisition possible for you within the shortest possible period of time. Offering more than 25 years of hands-on personal experience, the management of Corb7 International has guided more clients to successful endeavors with Swiss Trust Companies than any other alternative source. We will provide you with a true turnkey acquisition – this will include acquiring the company, Swiss administration and a legal retainer with a top law firm located in Zurich – all for one investment.

Swiss Trust Companies require specialized Swiss based organizational services.  Our Zurich based associates provide superb administrative services in addition to having the all-important in-house SRO license. This is a preeminent firm with over 100-year history, and all companies placed by us are held in trust with our Zurich legal associates until transfer of ownership.  This provides you the ultimate peace of mind.  The Trust Company you choose will also be FATCA and OECD compliant in addition to having been walked through a strict due-diligence process guaranteeing it to be free of any present or past liabilities.


Executive Fitness

The Health Benefit of Avocados!

Avocados boast a host of health benefits, some of which might surprise even the most ardent devotee.

Food trends come and go. But one such trend that has seemingly enjoyed more staying power than other flavors of the month is avocado. Avocados are loaded with vitamins. According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Nutrient Database, avocados are a great source of numerous vitamins, including C, E, K, and B-6. Avocados also contain beta-carotene, which the human body converts into vitamin A that promotes healthy skin and a strong immune system.

They can benefit vision. Avocados contain lutein and zeaxanthin, a pair phytochemicals concentrated in the tissues in the eyes. Lutein and zeaxanthin are believed to block blue light from reaching structures in the retina, thereby reducing a person’s risk of developing macular degeneration. In fact, studies published in the American Journal of Epidemiology, the American Journal of Ophthalmology and The Archives of Ophthalmology found that diets high in lutein and zeaxanthin are associated with a lower risk of macular degeneration, which the American Macular Degeneration Foundation notes is the leading cause of vision loss in the United States.

Avocados can promote healthier bones. Because they’re high in vitamin K, a nutrient that is crucial for bone health, avocados may help reduce a person’s risk of developing osteoporosis, a condition characterized by bones becoming fragile and brittle due to loss of tissue. Vitamin K may help improve the intestinal absorption of calcium. That’s a significant benefit, as calcium deficiency has long been associated with a greater risk for osteoporosis.

They may even help fight depression. Avocados are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which benefit the body in myriad ways. One of those ways is by helping to reduce the symptoms of depression. Polyunsaturated fats such as omega-3 fatty acids are thought to antagonize inflammatory cytokines that can contribute to feelings of depression.

Trendy foods come and go, oftentimes falling off the radar when their health benefits are overstated or proven dubious. However, the documented benefits of avocados may ensure their staying power.


International Spirits & Cuisine   

What Makes a Craft Beer?

The craft beer business is booming. According to the Brewers Association, small and independent American craft brewers contributed $55.7 billion to the United States economy last year, providing more than 424,000 jobs across the country.

While craft beer is growing in popularity, even the most ardent craft beer drinkers may not know just what qualifies a beer for craft beer status. Defining craft beer can be difficult, but the Brewers Association says there are certain criteria that American brewers should meet before they can be characterized as craft brewers.

· Size: Craft brewers are small, with CraftBeer.com saying breweries cannot produce more than six million barrels of beer per year.

· Independent: Ownership also determines if a brewer can be characterized as a craft brewer. The Brewers Association says that, to be considered a craft brewer, no more than 25 percent of the brewery can be owned or controlled (or equivalent economic interest) by an alcohol industry member that is not itself a craft brewer.

· Traditional: Craft brewers must have a majority of their total beverage alcohol volume in beers whose flavor derives from traditional or innovative brewing ingredients and their fermentation.

Innovation is another hallmark of craft brewers. Craft brewers often offer their own interpretations of classic beer styles, giving these styles unique twists. That departure from the norm is what draws beer drinkers to craft beers.

The craft beer business is booming and has revolutionized how people think about and consume beer. More information about craft beer is available at:
Brewers Association


Living Offshore  

The Republic of Vanuatu

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Locations do not come much more exotic that The Republic of Vanuatu, which is why we choice to highlight it.  A tax haven until 2008, this South Pacific jurisdiction since has no income tax, withholding tax, capital gains tax or inheritance tax. It has four mainstays to its economy, which are agriculture, tourism, offshore financial services and raising cattle. Vanuatu is also widely recognized as one of the premier vacation destinations for scuba divers wishing to explore coral reefs of the South Pacific region.

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It is our mission to save you both time and money when it comes to implementing a successful cross-border strategy as well as make a Swiss Trust Company acquisition possible for you within the shortest possible period of time. Offering more than 25 years of hands-on personal experience, the management of Corb7 International has guided more clients to successful endeavors with Swiss Trust Companies than any other alternative source.

This operational and management experience has allowed Jeffrey Corbett to develop a keen understanding for how international businesses can get bloated with redundancies or inefficient networks resulting in the loss of both time and money. To that end, the Corb7 Strategic Development Solution was created by him. This in-depth approach allows an entrepreneur to retool achieving a sleeker, smoother and more strategically focused organization. An advocate for bringing critical functions in-house, his clients range from small to mid-cap international concerns that can appreciate the additional control and cost reductions.

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