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  • Feature: How to Improve Your Alertness During the Workday!
  • International Business Tools: Plan Your Own Overseas Exit Strategy
  • Acquisition Opportunities: Own Your Own Cayman Bank
  • Executive Fitness: HIIT – Max Results in Min Time!
  • International Spirits & Cuisine: Polish Food From Pittsburgh
  • Living & Traveling Offshore: The Northern Lights
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International Business


How to Improve Your Alertness During the Workday! 

A long workday can be both mentally and physically draining. As a result, office workers and professionals whose jobs are more physically demanding than office work may find themselves less alert at the end of the workday than at the beginning.

A loss of alertness as the workday draws to a close might be unavoidable. But professionals whose sense of alertness begins to dwindle in the thick of the workday might need to take steps to improve their alertness to protect themselves from injury and to ensure the quality of their work does not suffer.

· Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon. Some professionals rely on caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks to combat afternoon drowsiness. While that afternoon caffeine fix might provide an immediate, if temporary, jolt of energy, it might also affect a person’s energy levels the following day. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that caffeine consumed as early as six hours before bedtime can significantly disrupt sleep. Professionals who reach for a cup of coffee in the late afternoon might get a sudden boost of energy, but their energy levels the following day might be lower due to a poor night’s sleep.

· Avoid high-fat foods at lunchtime. Foods that are high in fat should always be avoided thanks to their connection to a host of health problems. Such foods also negatively affect energy levels when consumed in the middle of the day. The University of Rochester Medical Center notes that the body digests and absorbs high-fat foods very slowly. That means workers who eat high-fat foods for lunch won’t get the afternoon energy boost that low-fat, healthy lunches will provide.

· Snack healthy. Professionals who find themselves needing a snack in the mid- to late-afternoon can sate their hunger and give themselves an energy boost by snacking healthy. Avoid snacks like potato chips that tend to be high in fat and low in nutrition. Foods that are high in fiber and/or protein can provide a longer energy boost and quell the afternoon hunger pangs at the same time. Fresh fruit and Greek yogurt fit the bill.

· Change your workout schedule. Regular exercise improves short- and long-term health while also increasing daily energy levels. Professionals who include exercise in their daily routines yet still suffer from a lack of alertness in the afternoon may need to alter their workout schedules. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that participants who were assigned afternoon exercise programs during work hours reported increased productivity versus those who were not assigned afternoon workouts. If working out in the afternoon is not feasible, avoid working out too late at night, as the National Institutes of Health note that exercising within two to three hours of bedtime can disrupt sleep, ultimately having a negative impact on energy levels the following day.

International Business

International Business Tools 

Plan Your Own Overseas Exit Strategy

Looking for an exit strategy or to raise capital? Listing your company on a foreign stock exchange has become more appealing as the world market place has turned to 24-hour trading.  You may find an Offshore IPO an attractive means to raising much-needed capital or for a seamless retirement strategy.  For the benefit of our clients, Corb7 International, Inc. maintains an ongoing affiliate association to act as a referring agent with a prominent firm specializing in raising capital and post-listing services on various European stock exchanges.  This firm provides exceptional service by assisting clients obtain a turn-key initial listing.  We provide our clients this value-added service at no additional cost, and as one of the various standing agreements that Corb7 keeps in place, which continues to represent our commitment to bring outstanding service to clients.

The ideal candidate would be a viable business with proven financials of at least 3-5 years. Green and mining sectors are of particular interest at this time but overall this path is sector agnostic.  Target share capital would be between 5M to 25M.  For US based businesses, a potential additional benefit is the fact that there is no 144 restricted stock.

Corb7 International 
Consider how you might benefit from an Offshore IPO arranged through Corb7 International:

– Free Initial Consultation: Gain an understanding of the process
– Pressure free introduction:  Saving you time
– Our service provided at no additional cost:  Saving you money

The best way to explore whether or not an Offshore IPO will fit your needs is for us to schedule a brief conversation over the phone. If you’re interested in looking at a European listing option for your company, then we are interested in doing everything humanly possible to help you do so.

International Business

Acquisition Opportunities 

Own Your Own Cayman Bank

South of Cuba and Northwest of Jamaica, this small island territory is a major international hub and the fifth largest banking center in the world.  It is a location where myth and fact have often been blurred by those willing to buy into what has become known as the “Grisham effect.”  As you may recall, the famous fiction writer John Grisham used the Cayman Islands as a backdrop for several of his books.  Some of his works were turned into movies with the most famous one being, “The Firm,” which starred Tom Cruise and was released in 1993.  For many years, the Cayman Islands suffered from the “Grisham effect”, as it was painted within his books as location where money can be stashed away by criminals.  The beauty of the location added a certain romance to the idea of ill-gotten funds being placed in illicit Cayman banks. The reality, however, is far more boring.  The Cayman Islands is a highly regulated and full compliant jurisdiction and as such not exactly an ideal location for drug dealers or anyone else to launder their funds.

It is possible to become an owner of a Cayman Island bank and previous banking experience is not necessary needed.   Although in reality, it greatly improves your chances of approval and the odds are that your directors will need a stellar CV demonstrating financial experience.  There are three types of licenses: Class A, Class B unrestricted and a Class B restricted.  Class A allows for doing business with the locals and will not be part of our discussion since it has little practical application for our needs.  The other two classes is where we will concentrate.

Please note these are not tax shelter vehicles.

 CLASS B Licenses: 
* Class B Unrestricted License – unrestricted to the number of clients which it can service.
* Class B Restricted License- restricted to the number of clients which it can service which will be stipulated in the permit.

As at December 31, 2013 there were 199 category B banks authorized. A Category B bank permits the holder to undertake full banking services from within the Islands or elsewhere, but prohibits the taking of deposits from any person resident in the Islands, other than another Licensee, or an exempted or an ordinary non-resident company that is not carrying on business in the Islands.

The initial application must be accompanied by a fee of US$2439.02 payable to the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority.  If the application is successful, a fee of US$85,365 will be payable upon the granting of the Category B licence. The fees for the licensing process can range from US$45,000 and upwards, however, before we can give a better estimate on fees, we would need to understand the full nature of your client’s proposed business operations.  Thereafter, the Annual Fees will be dependent on the amount of assets the bank holds:

* Assets less than US$100 million – US $73,170.73
* Assets between US$100 million and US$500 million – US$85,365.85
* Assets between US$500 million and US$1.0 billion – US$97,560.98
* Assets between US$1.0 billion and US$5.0 billion – US$109,756.10
* Assets greater than US$5.0 billion – US$121,951.22

Paid-in -Capital:
Under the Bank and Trust Companies Law (2013 Revision) all locally incorporated banks are required to maintain (on a paid up basis) a minimum net worth of CI$400,000 or its equivalent in other currencies except for licensees that hold Restricted Banking Licenses. Restricted Category B Licensees are required to maintain a minimum net worth of CI$20,000 or its equivalent in other currencies. The Cayman Islands Monetary Authority adopts the guidelines set by the Basel Committee for Bank Regulation and Supervisory Practices for the calculation of the capital adequacy ratio (risk asset ratio). The Basel Committee recommends a minimum risk asset ratio of 8%. However, the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority requires subsidiaries to maintain a minimum risk asset ratio of 12% and privately owned banks are required to maintain a minimum of 15%.


Executive Fitness

High Intensity Interval Training
Max Results / Min. Time!

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International Spirits & Cuisine   

Polish Food From Pittsburgh!

Last week Anthony Bourdain on his CNN Food show “Parts Unknown,” reviewed the up and coming restaurant and food scene in my home town of Pittsburgh.  We were rather surprised by his picks to interview and evaluate.  Since he ignored one of our favorites –see below- we thought it a great time to highlight in our own publication.

Pittsburgh cuisine reflects this city’s multicultural heritage, especially that of the European immigrants of the early 20th century. Known as the city of steel for much of its modern history, the immigrant population that worked the area’s challenging blue-collar jobs introduced dishes that were robust and able to satisfy a hearty appetite. For our taste, at the forefront of the influence was the Slavic-Americans and their food. Other nationalities certainly had tremendous sway – most notably the Germans and Italians – but there is something special about a homemade pierogie or cabbage roll from Western Pennsylvania. In recent years, Pittsburgh has seen a renaissance in their restaurant scene. As such, virtually every type of ethnic cuisine can be found within the city and it has become a hidden gem for any dedicated “foodie.”

Pierogies: Nothing is more Polish than a pierogie and where else to go for the best pierogies than Pittsburgh! Hidden in the McKees Rocks section of the city – just a few miles from downtown “Pierogies Plus” is nothing short of a jewel. What a find! With all due respect to Mrs.T’s frozen rendition of the same item, you will want to immediately try these easy to order pierogies.

Pierogies Plus, Inc.
342 Island Avenue
McKeesRocks, PA, USA
Phone: 412-331-2224

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Living & Traveling Offshore

The Northern Lights

Truly one of the wonders of the world, the Northern Lights have gone from mythology to space research

If you do not readily know, they are bright dancing lights of the aurora are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. They are known as ‘Aurora borealis’ in the north and ‘Aurora australis’ in the south.

Below we offer a video presentation of an ideal location to view this unearthly event. You just might want to consider it for your next vacation.

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This operational and management experience has allowed Jeffrey Corbett to develop a keen understanding for how international businesses can get bloated with redundancies or inefficient networks resulting in the loss of both time and money. To that end, the Corb7 Strategic Development Solution was created by him. This in-depth approach allows an entrepreneur to retool achieving a sleeker, smoother and more strategically focused organization. An advocate for bringing critical functions in-house, his clients range from small to mid-cap international concerns that can appreciate the additional control and cost reductions.

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