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  • * Special Offer – 86 Year Old Swiss Trust Company for Sale!!! A Swiss Trust Company established in 1931 is immediately available for acquisition.


Special Offer

1931 Swiss Trust Company for Sale!

A Swiss Trust Company established in 1931 is immediately available for acquisition.  This is a totally unique property offering unparalleled prestige and history.  It simply does not get any better.   

This Trust Company will provide ownership with the greatest amount of corporate goodwill and prestige.  For the right individual or company, this could be an outstanding opportunity aimed at business planning for 2018.  Please keep in mind we have done all the groundwork for you and will provide a complete turnkey acquisition which saves you time and money.  The acquisition time is 3 business days from start to finish. So if you are looking for a business tool which can hit the ground running in 2017 and prepare for 2018 – this may be it.  Bottom-line this is an outstanding opportunity at a great price.

A 33 page PowerPoint Presentation is Available! 
We are offering a free – over the phone – consultation to interested parties which will be supported by a 33 page PowerPoint presentation reviewing the benefits of owning such an old financial institution.

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Ownership has its privileges : 

PROFIT: You will be acquiring ownership of a “Non-Banking Financial Entity” in a major economic center with unlimited profit potential. It is a perfect alternative to owning a Captive Bank in that it will save you time and money.

ASSET PROTECTION: As a new owner, you will obtain a vehicle to provide a safe haven for your personal & corporate wealth.

PRIVACY: The ability to lower your financial profile and protect yourself from identity theft is another key benefit and critical to anyone involved in international commerce.

GAIN CONTROL: Avoid cumbersome red-tape in as well as bring critical functions in-house, which will improve efficiency which plus save you time and money.

EXIT STRATEGY: Roll your existing business interests into a Swiss Trust Company and then list on a foreign stock exchange creating a faster and less expensive exist strategy than what be found elsewhere.

PORTFOLIO MANAGMENT: Manage portfolios of Real Estate and/or Securities creating additional avenues of profit, enhancing existing client relationships and augmenting your corporate profile.

What happened in the 1931?

World Events:
* It was 13 years after World War I.
* It would be 8 years until the start of World War II.
* Much of the world was in the midst of the Great Depression.

1931 Major News Stories: 
* Al Capone convicted on tax fraud charges.
* Empire State Building is completed and opens becoming the tallest building in the world.
* The classic horror film “Dracula” starring Bela Lugosi opens.
* The iconic horror film “Frankenstein,” starring Boris Karloff opens.
* Gambling legalized in Nevada.
* Australia Gains Independence.

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What is a Swiss Trust Company?

A Swiss Trust Company is a Non-Banking Financial business model that will operate for you as a holding entity and a flagship structure adding prestige and operational authority to any venture. A Swiss Trust Company perpetuates the legacy and tradition of the Swiss financial industry and transitions smartly into any business undertaking that you may embark on.

Why Us?

Your success is our goal! With offices in Beverly Hills & Zurich, we are here to serve you. It is our mission to save you both time and money when it comes to implementing a successful cross-border strategy as well as make a Swiss Trust Company acquisition possible for you within the shortest possible period of time. Offering more than 25 years of hands-on personal experience, the management of Corb7 International has guided more clients to successful endeavors with Swiss Trust Companies than any other alternative source. We will provide you with a true turnkey acquisition – this will include acquiring the company, Swiss administration and a legal retainer with a top law firm located in Zurich – all for one investment.

Swiss Trust Companies require specialized Swiss based organizational services. Our Zurich based associates provide superb administrative services in addition to having the all-important in-house SRO license. This is a preeminent firm with over 100-year history, and all companies placed by us are held in trust with our Zurich legal associates until transfer of ownership. This provides you the ultimate peace of mind. The Trust Company you choose will also be FATCA and OECD compliant in addition to having been walked through a strict due-diligence process guaranteeing it to be free of any present or past liabilities.

Finally, unlike our competitors, we do not sit on a portfolio of Swiss Trust Companies and hope for you to fail or default on annual fees so the company can be resold next year for their own profit – at your expense. Corb7 International is an independent, service provider, and we are vested in your success. We specialize in Captive Acquisitions & Business Funding on a global scale. Thus, we can offer you unparalleled insights with an unmatched network of contacts developed over 25 years providing you the best opportunity for success.

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