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  • Feature: Cross-Border Planning in Antigua & Barbuda
  • Executive Fitness: The Anti-Gravity Treadmill
  • International Spirits & Cuisine  Lobster Gram
  • Business Success   The Italian YouTube Star

International Business

Fraud Alert   

Corporate Hijacking     

A good friend recently related to me that someone had tried to hijack his corporation for fraudulent gain.  Fortunately, it was caught before any funds were lost but others have not been so lucky. Frankly, I had never heard of this type of scam and thought it worthwhile to bring to the attention of our readership. Far removed from the type of hijacking portrayed in the movie “Captain Phillips,” this is a real threat to small business owners.  It is essentially when a fraudster targets a company, re-domiciles or hijacks the company to a new location via corporate filings, and then attempts to open false lines of credit or clean-out existing bank accounts.  This all can happen without the real owners of the company realizing until it is too late.

Corporate Hijacking Definition: 

“Changing, replacing or amending company records such as directors’ company addresses or auditors by a third party totally unrelated and unknown to the current officers.  In such instances, access to the victim’s records is obtained illegally and without having legal access to the customer code or password of the company in question.”

It is unfortunate but identity theft is no longer only just a consumer or retail crime. Manuals teaching one how to carry out corporate ID theft can be easily found on the internet. Thieves have learned that businesses also have identities that can be stolen and unsuspecting businesses can be very easy targets. To criminals, business identity theft means the potential for easy money.  One solution to stop hijacking would be for business owners to consider using jurisdictions that protect corporate filings with a password. This simple step may be the easiest and most effective method to discourage thieves.  We hope you found this short notice to be of assistance.

International Business

Tools for the Business Owner 

New Ideas  
One of our favorite YouTube channels is provided by TED, which is devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short, powerful videos.  TED which is an acronym for Technology, Entertainment, and Design is a nonprofit outlet owned by the Sapling Foundation that was founded in 1984.  As of April, 2014, they have over 1,700 lectures available for free online.  The term lecture might not be a correct description because each video is more of an informal chat.  We enjoy much of their content and thought you might too.  Below we offer several of their recent discussions. Visit Site
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International Business

Feature Article 

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Cross-Border Business Planning

Antigua and Barbuda is an independent Commonwealth country comprising its 2 namesake islands and several smaller ones. Positioned where the Atlantic and Caribbean meet, it’s known for reef-lined beaches, rain-forests and resorts. Its English Harbor is a yachting hub and the site of historic Nelson’s Dockyard. In the capital, St. John’s, the national museum displays indigenous and colonial artifacts .Whether a small or large enterprise, business owners seeking to conduct business in Antigua and Barbuda must register their business. Antigua & Barbuda have welcomed offshore banking since 1982.  One noteworthy statutory requirement is that Offshore Banks must maintain a minimum capital of US$5 million. Of this amount, US$1.5 million must be deposited and kept in a bank licensed to do business in Antigua and Barbuda. Major events:  In January of 2016, Antigua and Barbuda agreed to abolish personal income tax. Antigua and Barbuda Location:  Eastern Caribbean Sea, 250 miles SE of Puerto Rico Capital City:  St. Johns Population:  82,000 (2008) Language Spoken:  English International Time:  EST + 1 hour Airline Service Continental, Delta, American, US Airways, Windward Islands AIR Currency:  Eastern Caribbean Dollar EC$2.70 = US$1 Type of Government:  Independent Parliamentary Representative Democracy Main industries:  Tourism, manufacturing and international banking OECD:  Approved FATF:  Member CFATF


Executive Fitness

The Anti-Gravity Treadmill  For anyone who has been active over a period of time, lower body inquiries are very common. The Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill offers a potential solution.  Check out the following video which offers have this machine might help rehab inquiries or allow athletes to more frequently train.

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Spirits & Cuisine   

Lobster Gram

There may be no better lobster than what you can get in Maine. Now it is available to be delivered to your front door. Lobster Gram had been in service since 1987, delivering Grade A Maine lobsters to anywhere in the United States. They come shipped and ready to cook in a variety of packages. Our favorite is the 4 – five-ounce tail bundle which we love to grill outdoors as a perfect complement to a steak dinner – flawless surf and turf. Lobster Gram Review 4664 N Lowell Ave, Chicago, IL 60630

Phone: 1-800-548-3562

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Business Success  

The Italian YouTube Star We thought we’d have a little fun this week and present to you Gianluca Vacchi.  Mr. Vacchi is a 49-year-old multimillionaire that has taken YouTube by storm with his dancing lifestyle videos.  From his flair to his tattoos, he is hard to miss.  His estimated net worth is $450 million, and he likes to document much of his extravagant lifestyle.  If you are not familiar with him, we thought you might … enjoy!

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