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International Business


The Swiss Friendly Approach to Crypto!

Swiss-friendly approach on Crypto regulations

Switzerland is ranked number one of the top ten European countries for starting a blockchain company due to its friendly regulation environment and supportive startup ecosystem with world-class service providers. It is rapidly emerging as a crypto paradise, supported by its banking skills, low-tax-system, elite universities and Switzerland as brand itself, which has attracted a large variety of foreign cryptocurrency and blockchain startups. In Switzerland cryptocurrencies and exchanges are legal, and the country has adopted a remarkably progressive stance towards cryptocurrency regulations. The long-term policy regarding crypto-currencies on the part of the Swiss Financial Market Authority and its clarification of many aspects related to their business makes Switzerland one of the best places worldwide to launch an ICO.

Crypto valley in Zug

The Swiss city Zug in central Switzerland, also known as Crypto valley, is one of the most crypto-friendly cities in the world. Perfectly positioned to get the most out of the decentralized, stable and predictable Swiss political system and its unique business environment, Zug is incomparable for an uncomplicated and pragmatic implementation of business ideas with world-class infrastructure. Zug offers a solid basis for global growth due to its business-friendly philosophy and the openness and easy accessibility of its authorities with short communication channels. With its low-tax-system, pro-business environment and fantastic quality of life Zug has attracted numerous multinationals, creating an international and cosmopolitan culture with an easy access to powerful global networks.

Swiss Trust Company as perfect support for US-investors
in engaging in business activities related to Crypto

The Swiss Trust company is one of the best-known and respected vehicles in the business world. Swiss Trust companies can easily function as a holding entity and a flagship structure for any company and investment. They provide administrators with an excellent level of discretion and security and maintain a great number of types of assets, including shares, commodities, real estate properties, fixed income assets and cash. This flexibility combined with discretion, privacy and prestige makes the Swiss Trust company the perfect business vehicle for US-investors in engaging in business activities related to Crypto, such as ICO, participation and investing in ICO or crypto assets, acting as an escrow agent or fiduciary in crypt assets related transactions.

Owning a Swiss Trust Company can offer tremendous benefits for the right client.   In this brief video, we offer a comprehensive synopsis.

International Business

Business Psychology

How to Improve Your Alertness
During the Workday!

A long workday can be both mentally and physically draining. As a result, office workers and professionals whose jobs are more physically demanding than office work may find themselves less alert at the end of the workday than at the beginning.

A loss of alertness as the workday draws to a close might be unavoidable. But professionals whose sense of alertness begins to dwindle in the thick of the workday might need to take steps to improve their alertness to protect themselves from injury and to ensure the quality of their work does not suffer.

· Avoid caffeine in the late afternoon. Some professionals rely on caffeinated beverages such as coffee or energy drinks to combat afternoon drowsiness. While that afternoon caffeine fix might provide an immediate, if temporary, jolt of energy, it might also affect a person’s energy levels the following day. A 2017 study published in the Journal of Clinical Sleep Medicine found that caffeine consumed as early as six hours before bedtime can significantly disrupt sleep. Professionals who reach for a cup of coffee in the late afternoon might get a sudden boost of energy, but their energy levels the following day might be lower due to a poor night’s sleep.

· Avoid high-fat foods at lunchtime. Foods that are high in fat should always be avoided thanks to their connection to a host of health problems. Such foods also negatively affect energy levels when consumed in the middle of the day. The University of Rochester Medical Center notes that the body digests and absorbs high-fat foods very slowly. That means workers who eat high-fat foods for lunch won’t get the afternoon energy boost that low-fat, healthy lunches will provide.

· Snack healthy. Professionals who find themselves needing a snack in the mid- to late-afternoon can sate their hunger and give themselves an energy boost by snacking healthy. Avoid snacks like potato chips that tend to be high in fat and low in nutrition. Foods that are high in fiber and/or protein can provide a longer energy boost and quell the afternoon hunger pangs at the same time. Fresh fruit and Greek yogurt fit the bill.

· Change your workout schedule. Regular exercise improves short- and long-term health while also increasing daily energy levels. Professionals who include exercise in their daily routines yet still suffer from a lack of alertness in the afternoon may need to alter their workout schedules. A 2016 study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine found that participants who were assigned afternoon exercise programs during work hours reported increased productivity versus those who were not assigned afternoon workouts. If working out in the afternoon is not feasible, avoid working out too late at night, as the National Institutes of Health note that exercising within two to three hours of bedtime can disrupt sleep, ultimately having a negative impact on energy levels the following day.

International Business

  Business Tools

How to Organize Apps on Your iPhone!

If you are like us, we get frustrated with the apps on our iPhone and often wonder why there is a need for three pages of functions.   In the above video, a few quick easy suggestions are offered to help you organize your apps and thus make better use of the small computer that is your phone.


Executive Fitness

No More Hangovers?

Available in over 4,000 stores nationwide, including Amazon online, Magic Bullet Nutritional Detox Drink promises to replenish your liver and thus stop bad hangovers when you “go big.”  We have not tried it yet, but something is apparently working because reported sales have grown 50 percent month-over-month since October 2018 in select retailers.


International Spirits & Cuisine

Wild Boar & Italian Cuisine!

I am not sure what could be more pleasant on a spring evening than having a glass of wine (or two) while listening to jazz and cooking Italian cuisine. If there is something, well, I have not found it, and that is exactly what I did last Thursday.

With all due respect, to my vegetarian friends, I enjoy trying to be as authentic as possible and wild boar was our effort that night. It is also a delicious staple to many Italian diets and not easily found in the United States. While doing research for this section, however, we discovered a ranch in Texas which we will certainly use again.

Broken Arrow Ranch is located in the Texas Hill Country and is a producer of high-quality free-range venison, antelope and wild boar meat. These animals are truly wild – not farm or pen-raised. Since they feed on natural grasses and other similar vegetation it produces an all-natural meat of the highest quality which is also provided to many a fine-dining restaurant across the country. We were very impressed by Broken Arrow. That particular night we used their Italian wild boar sausage to stuff red peppers with brown rice and onion resulting in a very sweet version of a classic dish – pretty much a perfect entrée. We hope you will have the opportunity to enjoy their service too.

Broken Arrow Ranch
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Living & Traveling Offshore

Unpack in 10 Seconds Flat!

We tripped over this video last week and thought this such a cool travel idea that we had to share it!  It is so simple but makes total sense.  Apparently, you really can unpack as quickly as you can unzip your bag and stay organized.  RISE Gear makes it possible.

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