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  • Feature: Bermuda Captive Insurance
  • Business Tools: Offshore Business
  • Business Psychology: Who is Ed Mylett & Why Care?
  • Executive Fitness: 59 Year Old UK Bodybuilder & Coach
  • International Spirits & Cuisine: Easter in Europe
  • Living & Traveling Offshore: The Most Expensive Estate in Switzerland
  • Corb7 International Services: Learning Center


International Business


Bermuda the Hub of Captive Insurance

Bermuda is home to more than half the world’s captive insurers with nearly $60 billion in assets and more than $16 billion in annual premiums. Located 650 miles east of Cape Hatteras or an hour and a half flight from New York City, this international financial center is one of the most prestigious business addresses in the world. It offers low taxes, political stability and a sophisticated business infrastructure. Bermuda represents the third largest insurance market only trailing the United States and the United Kingdom. This jurisdiction is also known for quality and straightforward business dealings. Scandals are rare, and their banking system is impeccable. Anyone interested in establishing an international business structure in this country should be prepared for substantial expense and disclosure. For example: each insurance applicant will need to provide background information and bank references to the Bermuda Monetary Authority. In addition, the captive business plan and strategy will be investigated by the Registrar of Companies. If, however, prestige is what you desire, this tropical haven should receive serious consideration.

In this edition of our periodical, we thought it important to highlight an upcoming conference in Bermuda, which brings some of the best in the captive insurance industry together once a year.  We hope you find in helpful.

2018 Annual Captive Insurance Conference
Where: Bermuda
When: June 11- 13, 2018

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International Business

Business Tools

Offshore Business & The Templeton Effect

Almost any initial discuss of Offshore Business starts with the question – is it legal? The answer is always the same – yes, every country in the world needs to compete for Direct Foreign Investment and impeding international commerce always has dire consequences that even the most ardent bureaucrat can understand. Often, the follow-up will be more specific if the individual is contemplating establishing an offshore corporate structure. The question is usually something along the lines of; well, if I establish a bank over there can I solicit for deposits here? Again, the answer is always the same – no.

One of the best examples of how to mirror an onshore strategy with an offshore and thus legally have a presence in both market places is the Templeton Group. The founder, John Templeton was an investor and mutual fund pioneer who became a billionaire by promoting global diversification through his funds. .For more information click here. To this day, the Franklin Templeton Group frequently mirrors an onshore fund strategy (within the US) with an offshore fund often established in the Bahamas which offers more lenient regulatory environment. For more information click here.

International Business

Business Psychology

Who is Ed Mylett & Why Care?

Click on the above video for an interesting & compelling business personality.
We found it motivational and well worth a quick review. 

Ed Mylett Website


Executive Fitness

59 Year Old Fitness Coach

Renzo Algieri is a UK fitness coach / bodybuilder that took 20 years off between competitions and yet was still able to flourish.  Now at age 59, his achievement is a chronicle of dedication and hard work, but his insights are what we found most interesting.  We are convinced that every entrepreneur is a “Business-Athlete” – starting with your physical being each day, and that self-discipline is the one common denominator for accomplishment in business and lifestyle.  Consequently, we thought this gentleman, who is not necessarily widely known, a very interesting profile.

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Spirits & Cuisine

Easter & European Traditions

With Easter occurring this week, we felt it a great time to glance at the some of the traditions many in Europe will follow this Sunday. Above is one of the better presentations we found on the subject.


Living & Traveling Offshore

The Most Expensive Estate in Switzerland

This week we wanted to have a little fun with the Living & Traveling Offshore section of our newsletter.

So, when we tripped over this video, it was a natural to share.

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