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Books, Articles, Blogs & Business Tech


Entrepreneurship and international business is always intertwined with politics, personal motivation and government regulation. Here we offer books, articles, blogs and business tech innovations which we think worth bringing to your attention.


The new app for Iphones allows you to review interesting “Crowd Funding” projects at the touch of your fingertips. Pretty cool – it is worth a look.

“The Power of Focus”

By Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen and Les Hewitt Authors Canfield, Hansen and Hewitt offer a step-by-step approach to success by concentrating on our strengths while organizing and intensifying personal vision. The authors of “Chicken Soup for the Soul” provide a systematic approached to success while relating numerous heart warming stories. If you have not read this work, we highly recommend it to be worth your time.

Website: http://www.thepoweroffocus.ca

“Red Gold – Peak Performance Techniques of the Russian and East German Olympic Victors”

By Girgori Raiport M.D., PH.D.The Eastern bloc countries were using sports/performance psychology way before the rest of the world. We read this work back in the 1980s and is very much still relevant. Finding a copy is sometimes difficult but we suggest giving Amazon.com a try. It’s worth the effort to review this iconic work.

Captive Strategies

Why Own a Private Bank and/or an Insurance Company?

Neglecting the overseas market could be devastating to your business. The offshore marketplace provides asset protection, lowers the cost of doing business, diversifies existing business interests and opens new avenues of profit. The combination of owning a captive bank and captive insurance subsidiary almost certainly covers every activity that an international business owner will ever need to address regarding control of assets, asset protection and cutting costs

Asset Protection

If you are an entrepreneur who resides in the United States (or another highly litigious nation) the chance of you being sued is greater than every before. In the US statistics show it to be one in four. As we all know, the United States has become the most litigious society in history and the prevailing political environment – which no doubt influences court decisions – is not exactly friendly to business owners. Civil litigation, however, is not just a US phenomenon since there seems to be a growing global trend to target successful business. Even with that stipulation there are still many jurisdictions which refuse to recognize civil litigation from foreign courts thus providing an additional layer of asset protection.

Cut Costs

The cost of insurance represents a considerable expense for most businesses. Skyrocketing premiums have led many professionals to explore wholly-owned subsidiaries for their insurance needs. Captives can be established to self-insure part or all of property loss, product liability, work compensation, malpractice and virtually any other coverage. The use of an offshore captive is now seen as a proven cost savings method and an integral part of general business risk management.

Did You Know

Comptroller of the Currency

In the United States, this office is the chief regulator of national banks and is appointed by the President for a five-year term, with confirmation by the Senate. The holder of this office also serves as one of three directors of the F.D.I.C.

Dutch Auction

Defined as an auction system in securities underwriting where the issuer gradually lowers the price until a responsive bid is met. Buyers can bid any prices they want and securities are sold at a single price to all buyers whose bid price is at or higher than the auction-set price. The U.S. Treasury Department uses the Dutch auction technique in auctions of Treasury securities.

Personal Privacy & Asst Protection

Secrecy vs. Privacy

The US Treasury Dept. responded to the recent USA Patriot Act, pertaining to issues of secrecy & privacy and how they are defined differently to practicing attorneys. Privacy – using legal means and filing required tax returns, to avoid being high profile. Secrecy – hiding money or assets without filing required tax returns. Essentially, privacy is considered legal and secrecy is not.

Domestic Drones in US

Very steadily and yet quietly we are moving towards a tremendous expansion of domestic drones in the United States. If this is the case, the rest of the world will certainly follow. Law enforcement and commercial concerns are expanding their use of drones for both surveillance and business use. This technology has the capability to change the nature of daily life and very worth observation. Below are a few links to related stories.


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