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  • Business Tools: Self Talk
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  • International Spirits & Cuisine: Explore a Nearby Winery
  • Living & Traveling Offshore: Cruising Tips & Tricks
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International Business



Swiss Trust Companies 

We continue to be dismayed by the proliferation of false information regarding Swiss Trust Companies (STCs) found on the internet. This is a shame since there are numerous authentic benefits to owning a STC. The most recent approach by a few – less than scrupulous – sales people is to claim that the STC they are offering for sale has a dormant (inactive) SWIFT membership or account. They claim this will be yours once the sale is complete.

We cannot state this emphatically enough – there is no such thing! Our office knew this all along but just for the heck of it we made a well placed phone call. This morning we were on the phone with one of our contacts at SWIFT verifying this as fact. Quote: “A SWIFT membership is either active – and maintains a substantial Paid-in-Capital account – or it no longer exists.”

International Business

Business Tools 

Self Talk

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Personal achievement and entrepreneurship is always intertwined with motivation and innovation.  We are totally fascinated by the power of the subconscious mind. In the above video, Dr. Shad Helmstetter,- Ph-D and best-selling author of thirteen books in the field of personal growth – provides one of the best descriptions we have heard pertaining to the power of this tool. He also relates it to specifically to accomplishing goals and possible business application. We highly recommend this 7 minute video.

International Business

Business Funding 

Corb7 International, Inc.
Term Loan Program

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– No Upfront Fees 
– No Obligation 
– Decision within 24 hours 
– You need: Credit Score of 680 or more 
– You need: min. $50,000 / year income 
– (Only US Citizens or Residents can apply)


Executive Fitness

Three Benefits of Core Strength Training

In the last decade, chances are strong competitive athletes, weekend warriors and men and women who routinely exercise have heard of workouts touting the benefits of core-strengthening exercises. Those unfamiliar with core training might think it’s just another exercise fad, unaware of the many practical benefits of a strong core.

To understand the benefits of core strength training exercise, it first helps to understand what such exercises are and dispel a common misconception about core training. People unfamiliar with core strength training may mistakenly believe it’s merely a way to sculpt toned abdominal muscles. While core training focuses on muscles in the abdomen, it does not do so exclusively. Proper core strength training focuses on the body’s entire core, including the hips, back and chest as well as the abdomen.

The following are three significant ways that athletes and the nonathletic alike can benefit from core strength training.

1. Improved balance
While working muscles in the hips, abdomen and back, core strength training is training these muscles to function as a more cohesive unit. This can improve balance, which can prove especially beneficial to aging men and women who may feel like they are losing some of their coordination.

2. Uniformity of muscles
Men and women who adhere to more traditional strength training workouts may notice certain muscle groups develop more than others, perhaps naturally or because they are willingly or subconsciously focusing on certain areas more than others. For example, a person who enjoys doing bicep curls might develop especially large biceps but may not focus as much on the muscles in his or her back. That can lead to muscular imbalances. Proper core strength training reduces the likelihood of such imbalances because the exercises focus collectively on a group of muscles, training these muscles to work together and developing them at the same pace.

3. Better posture
According to the online medical resource WebMD, core-strengthening exercises are the best way for men and women to improve their posture. That’s because some of the muscles worked during core training move the torso by flexing, extending or rotating the spine, while other muscles worked stabilize the pelvis and spine in a natural, neutral position. The Premier Sports and Spine Center notes that some of the benefits of good posture include lower injury risk, better alignment that can lower risk for arthritis and improved muscle health.

Core strength training exercises can pay various dividends that greatly improve adults’ overall health.


Spirits & Cuisine   

Explore a Nearby Winery!

Attending a wine tasting can be an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon and support a local business. 
Wineries and fully functioning vineyards dot the landscape of North America. In fact, wine aficionados may be surprised to learn of a winery or vineyard is just a short drive from home.

Those who enjoy sipping from a bottle of red, white or blush wine but find that a trip to the Bordeaux region of France simply isn’t in the cards right now needn’t give up their desires to visit a winery or vineyard. Wineries and fully functioning vineyards dot the landscape of North America. In fact, wine aficionados may be surprised to learn of a winery or vineyard is just a short drive from home.

The American Winery Guide offers that visitors can find a winery and tasting room in just about every state. Colorado boasts 107, Texas has 296, and even Rhode Island, the smallest state, is home to five wineries.

If the goal is to travel to northern regions of North America, Alaska has four wineries, and areas of Nova Scotia, British Columbia, Ontario, and Québec have famed wineries for Canadian oenophiles.

Visiting a local winery or vineyard can be educational and fun. Wine tours can be entertaining because some allow visitors to choose their own tasting adventure depending on their level of interest in wine, their budget and what they would like to get out of the experience. Some wineries and vineyards offer extensive tours of the harvesting and production aspects of wine-making. Others will give visitors a chance to mingle among wine barrels and witness the fermentation process. Still, some wineries or vineyards may limit visitors to tasting rooms where they can sample select vintages.

In regions such as Napa Valley where there are many wineries and vineyards in close proximity to one another, guided tours may be available, or wine aficionados can explore areas on their own.

Thanks to the diverse North American climate, the types of grape varietals available in one state or province to the next will be quite different. For example, vineyards that thrive in New Jersey are subject to similar climates to those in many areas of France and Germany. As a result, it’s not uncommon to find varieties like Cabernet, Chardonnay, Riesling, and Pinot Noir available at facilities in New Jersey.

According to viniculture experts from Professional Friends of Wine, grapevines are fairly adaptable plants that can thrive in a variety of soil types and temperatures. Soil, sun exposure, drainage, and topography all play roles in how the grapes will ripen and taste.

The chance to support a local business is another reason to make a trip to a nearby winery or vineyard. These facilities often produce wine and sell it close to home. By supporting small business, consumers can contribute to the success and the diversity of offerings where they live.

Wine tastings are an enjoyable recreational pursuit. Remember to drink responsibly, and join the mailing lists of nearby wineries and vineyards to learn more about tasting events and food pairings.


Living & Traveling Offshore  

Cruising Tips & Tricks

Cruising can be an ideal vacation for people of any age, but particularly for seniors. Cruises combine all-inclusive meal packages with accommodations, breathtaking ports of call and pre-arranged activities, so vacationers do not have to lift a finger for days on end. Cruising also can be a social activity, meaning singletons can meet up with other like-minded people and enjoy the cruising experience together.

Cruise Lines International Association, a global organization advocating for the cruising community, found that 25.8 million passengers expected to take a cruise in 2018, and various cruise companies invested more than $6.8 billion in new ocean vessels.

Whether a person is new to cruising or is a seasoned ocean or river traveler, there are always techniques to try to score great deals or enjoy the experience even further. Consider these tips and tricks, courtesy of Royal Caribbean, The Cruise Critic, the Travel Channel, and other vacationing experts.

· Research the ships, and not just the cruise lines. Cruise lines each offer their own amenities and are known for certain features. One cruise line may be a better match for young singles, while others may cater to families. In addition, certain ships may have their own special features such as water slides, athletic events, casinos, and more. Choose a ship that meets your needs.

· Arrive the night before. There’s no need to rush to the port to board the ship. Extend the vacation a little further by arriving a night or two before and checking into a nearby hotel. Some hotels may offer free parking or shuttle service to the ship.

· Choose a close port. Select a port within driving distance to avoid airline costs and the extra hassles of coordinating luggage and travel to the port.

· Book dining ahead of time. Cruise ships often have a main dining room and then specialty restaurants. If you want a particular meal, make reservations before leaving port. Certain restaurants may offer discounts or perks, such as a free bottle of wine or premiere seating.

· Understand what’s included. Cruise ships have many foods and drinks that are included in the packaged price. Certain branded items, such as specialty coffees or ice creams, may be available at an additional charge, as are premium drinks. But chances are you can find a free, similar version elsewhere on the ship.

· Explore special discounts. When shopping for a cruise, see if there are discounts available for seniors, teachers, people in the military, or those who belong to certain clubs. Cruises often love to incentivize, so it pays to ask about discount pricing.

· Make a list of activities. It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all of the offerings on a cruise ship, so much so that there’s some stress over trying to fit it all in. Recognize that you can’t see or hear it all, and prioritize what’s important to you. Make sure you have plenty of time to relax.

· Book at the right time. Cruises may be more available after Labor Day when kids go back to school and the weeks between Thanksgiving and Christmas when others are too busy to travel.

Cruising can be an ideal vacation for travelers who are savvy enough to do their research.

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