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Business Funding !

For Business Owners in the United States:

Must have a credit score of 680 or better.

We are pleased to bring to your attention a service that could provide a lifeline to your business.  As part of our ongoing efforts to provide value added services, we have established an extraordinary Business Funding Program. This gives us the potential to raise capital for your projects that might have previously been sent to the backburner or provide emergency funds. Our funding program is exciting and really rather simple.

It offers the following:

·    No Upfront Fee, No Financials & No Collateral is needed.
·    Lines of Credit can be used for any purpose to grow a business.
·    Entire process only takes approximately 3-5 days.
·    $50,000 -$250,000 is typical range

The ideal client will be a US based business owner with a credit score of 680 or above.  Most importantly, there is no cost if you are not approved.   Please note that unfortunately we are not able to accommodate anyone at this time that is not a US citizen or business owner.

If you are interested in expanding, we are interested in doing everything humanly possible to help you do so. To that end, the best way to explore whether or not our Funding Program will fit your needs is for you to click on the following link and fill out the application. 

For Intro Video & Application:

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