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  • 24th World Offshore Convention
  • Outdoor Fitness App & Trainer
  • Jet Capsule Yacht



The 24th World Offshore Convention

During this two day conference, professionals from many different financial disciplines will have the opportunity to network and engage in meaningful discussions on key up-to-date trends.

Topics to include:

– The latest trends in trusts and offshore tools

– How to handle privacy and asset protection now

– Insight from Frank Holder, Head of Latin America, Berkeley Research Group, on Global Tax Enforcement trends including an FCPA and FATCA update

– A full review of the macro trends affecting wealth management today from Gabriel Hernandez, Tax Partner, BDO

– A critical review of what is impacting captive insurance management now from Bobbe Hirsch, Managing Member, Hirsh & Associates LLC

– Updates on the Caribbean as an Offshore Financial Centre, the emergence of the US as an ‘onshore’ offshore destination providing new competitive impetus and how to manage Asian wealth now

– New developments in key Latin American and Caribbean Centers

– Where should you advise clients to put their money now – and through what vehicles?

– The re-emergence of Puerto Rico as a destination for investors

– Industry watch – what are the latest ramifications of the push for transparency, information sharing and tax collection?

– Captive insurance trends update- Updates on correspondent bank accounts and how they affect operations

Where: San Jan, Puerto Rico
When:  2017 – Wednesday, October 25th – Thursday, October 26th 

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Executive Fitness

Audio Fitness


Aaptiv (previously known as Skyfit) contains audio workouts with top trainers and contemporary music.  With trainers in one ear and good music in the other, workouts are made more enjoyable and portable.   There are different levels of intensity and time limits from 15 minutes on the low-end to a more than 90 minutes on the extreme.

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Jet Capsule Yacht


Made in Italy, this yacht is the result from a team of engineers and designers working three years with an incredible result. 

A compact luxury boat measuring just 23 feet-long, but available in configurations that can carry up to nine passengers, or a comfort model with a kitchen, private bathroom and two sofas that transform into a double bed.  This futuristic water Jet Capsule embodies the notion of obtaining a boat modest ample to be conveniently maneuvered, nonetheless spacious ample to take a handful of close friends around to a port for an evening’s enjoyment. A private jet structure that is a remarkable toy.

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