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    How Certain Nutrients Affect Your Body!
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International Business


Benefits of a Pre-Established US Corporation

Shelf corporations in the United States have many profound business purposes. They are frequently used for holding personal or business assets.  Another common purpose for the creation of a shelf corporation is as a turn-key business package that can later be sold to someone who wants to start and operate a company without going through the effort to form a new one.   Others might benefit who may not qualify for a bank loan, line of credit, or government contract because they or their existing company does not have the required credit scores or a two to five year established business history.  By purchasing a shelf corporation, an entrepreneur now instantly owns an established company that has been “in business” for several years without debts or liabilities.

For Non-U.S. citizens, owning a shelf corporation in the United States may enhance privacy and open new markets.  Since the United States is not a participant in the OECD Common Reporting Standards, it is often looked upon as a privacy haven for non-citizens looking to invest here.  The Common Reporting Standard (“CRS”),  was created by the OECD in 2014 pursuant to a meeting of the G-20 nations in Australia and calls for the automatic exchange of financial account information between agreeing jurisdictions. It should also be noted, however, that to open a bank account, Non-U.S. citizens will likely need to travel to the United States and meet with potential banks.

Therefore by owning a pre-established corporate entity, you are able to take advantage of the following benefits:

1- Instant availability & fast delivery

2- Show longevity of company filing

3- Immediately own a company with a filing history

4- Ready for immediate transfer as no stock is currently issued

5- May help when applying for contracts and financing

Financial Times Article

International Business

Business Psychology

Too Busy to Meditate?

We recently came across this video and thought it something valuable to share with our readers.  The mental approach to business is absolutely critical to success. and finding time to meditate has been a path many have taken to lessen daily stress.

International Business

  Business Tools

Four Social Media Marketing Tips

Social media has changed the world in myriad ways, and that impact is likely to grow in coming years. In its report titled “Social Media Trends to Watch in 2018,” the firm GlobalWebIndex found that nearly 60 percent of users of the popular smartphone instant messaging app WhatsApp used the app more than once per day. The same report revealed that more than 55 percent of Facebook users took to the popular social networking site more than once per day.

Such figures illustrate the role that social media plays in the average person’s life while suggesting that the influence of social media remains considerable. Business owners know that thriving in the 21st century and beyond requires the utilization of social media to connect with prospective customers and promote products. But the ever-changing nature of social media can make it difficult for business owners to stay abreast of the latest trends. The following are a handful of ideas business owners can consider as they look to get more out of their social media presence.

· Periodically reassess your social media presence. A platform that’s popular today might be outdated tomorrow. Such is the nature of social media. Business owners should make a point of periodically reassessing their social media presence to ensure they’re still connecting with existing customers and enticing new customers. Follow social media trends and be sure to create profiles on new platforms that you feel can help your business grow. In addition, make sure each of your social media profiles reflects where your business is today.

· Determine what’s working. Just because there’s a new social media platform seemingly every day does not mean you need to create a new profile each day. If your business has a presence on various platforms, examine the performance of each platform, focusing on those that seem to be doing your business the most good.

· Keep your message fresh. Even your most devoted followers will grow tired of your message if it stays the same for months on end. Create social media campaigns that routinely engage your followers so they’re excited to see your updates and get involved with your business. In addition, present your campaigns differently on each platform to make the most of each platform’s particular capabilities.

· Express your appreciation to your followers. Social media is, by definition, social, so don’t forget to be sociable and thank your followers when they like a post or retweet a promotion. In addition, don’t hesitate to share a follower’s content if you find it valuable and insightful. Expressing your appreciation is a great way to build a loyal customer base, and such expressions of gratitude take just a few seconds


Executive Fitness

How Certain Nutrients Affect Your Body!

The effects of proper nutrition on the body are profound. When paired with routine exercise, a diet that’s rich in nutrients can lay the foundation for a long, healthy life.

Many people are aware that their bodies need nutrients like protein and carbohydrates every day, but they may not know just what these and other important nutrients do for their bodies.


The online medical resource WebMD notes that the body uses protein to build and repair tissues. An important component of every cell in the body, protein provides the body with amino acids that help cells in the body perform various functions. Breastcancer.org notes that proteins help the body create hormones and enzymes and keep the immune system healthy. A diet that’s low in protein may make people more susceptible to illness and result in longer recovery times.


The Cleveland Clinic notes that carbohydrates, or “carbs,” are the body’s main source of energy. Carbs are found in most foods, but not all carbs are the same. Foods that contain complex carbohydrates, which include quinoa and oatmeal, are loaded with fiber. It takes awhile for the body to break that fiber down, helping people feel full and stabilizing their blood sugar levels. Simple carbohydrates, which include processed foods such as sugar-sweetened beverages and dairy desserts, are quickly digested, which raises blood sugar levels and contributes to feelings of inflammation.


The body is about 60 percent water, which performs a host of important functions. Water aids in digestion, absorption of nutrients and circulation, and also facilitates the transportation of nutrients through the body. Water also helps the body get rid of waste. WebMD notes that water also helps to energize muscles, which might suffer from fatigue if the body’s fluid balance is not maintained. Water also helps the body maintain a healthy temperature.

People consume protein, carbs and water every day. And while they might not know it, people who continue to do so are helping their bodies perform essential functions that dramatically improve their health.


International Spirits & Cuisine

The Doobie Brothers and Wine!

B.R. Cohn Winery is one of the few remaining family-owned and operated estate wineries located in Sonoma Valley and is just so happens to be owned by the former manager of the Doobie Brothers Band.

The legendary rock bank started in the 1970s which has sold more than 40 million albums over five decades. Situated in the heart of Northern California’s Sonoma Valley, B.R. Cohn produces outstanding olive oil but most of all an exceptional assortment of wine. We had the opportunity to visit their vineyard last January and fell in love with their Cabernets. We think you will enjoy it too.

BR Cohn Website


Living & Traveling Offshore

The Benefits of Using a Travel Agent

Thanks to the bevy of online booking sites just a few keystrokes away, many would-be vacationers have taken to planning their own vacations. But travel agents still provide valuable services that savvy travelers know can make the difference between an ordinary getaway and one travelers remember for the rest of their lives.

As tempted as travelers may be to book their own vacations, the following are a few of the many benefits of working with a travel agent when planning your next getaway.

· Experience: Many travelers want to explore foreign countries or cities they have never visited when going on vacation, and planning such excursions can be a daunting if not intimidating task. Many travel agents specialize in certain countries or regions of the world, and their experience can remove the stress and intimidation from planning an overseas adventure. Even travelers who are not leaving the country can benefit from the services of a travel agent who can share information gleaned from past clients about places to visit and places to avoid within a given city.

· Support: Travelers who book their own trips via online booking sites or other faceless agencies may have no one to look to for help should something go awry on their trip. But travel agents can be a go-to source should something go wrong with a reservation. Travel agents routinely work with hotel chains and touring groups, and they no doubt have already handled every type of problem travelers may encounter on their trips. That sense of support and security can help travelers rest easier should anything go wrong.

· Perks: Booking a trip yourself may seem like a great way to plan the most memorable vacation possible, but travel agents often have access to perks that travelers who go it alone are not privy to. Travel agents may be able to arrange for room or car rental upgrades at no additional cost or get their clients reservations at exclusive restaurants where travelers who go it alone will be shut out of. These perks can turn an ordinary trip into the best vacation of your life.

· Time: Planning your own vacation is a time-consuming process that can seem like a second job. If you want to go that route and still have a memorable vacation, you should expect to spend hours on end looking for the best deals and the must-see places to visit while simultaneously figuring out a plan to get from point A to point B to point C and so on. Travel agents plan such trips for a living and can speak to you about what you want out of a given trip before they spend the time necessary to tailor a getaway to suit your every need.

· Trends: Even if you do all of your own exhaustive research, travel agents will still likely know more about your potential destination than you will. That’s because travel agents are plugged into the industry in ways that few, if any, outside the travel business can ever be plugged in. If you want a truly unique trip that’s unlike any your friends or family members have ever taken, then lean on a travel agent who’s in the know about the latest trendy hotels or luxury offerings at destinations across the globe.

Many people are tempted to plan and book their own vacations without ever consulting a travel agent. But travel agents are an invaluable resource for travelers who hope their next trip proves to be the vacation of a lifetime.

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