Captive ownership can open foreign markets, provide asset protection and bring critical functions in-house. Please keep in mind, however, that these are business tools and not tax shelters. Here we offer 3 premier strategies for your review.

Swiss Trust Companies

Our approach is to leverage Corb7’s Swiss resources for the immediate benefit of clients – not to sell customers a company but to implement a turnkey strategy. We offer you more than 20 years experience in international structuring with a focus on worldwide trade and finance. As an established business advisory, we will find you the right Swiss Trust Company and the perfect resident professional team to make your business operational in the… Read More

Bermuda Insurance Companies

The cost of insurance represents a considerable expense for most businesses. In recent years, premiums have skyrocketed leading many professionals to explore creative cost reduction strategies. One imaginative – yet proven – strategy is the use of wholly-owned subsidiaries to meet insurance… Read More

Bank Licenses

Broadly defined, Private International Banks, Offshore Banks or Captive Banks are simply banking entities established outside of the United States or the country in which the owner resides. These entities are only responsible for meeting the standards established by the jurisdiction which… Read More

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