Published In C&K Magazine Vol. #1 – Issue #1 – Date: 2006

C&K: With your busy schedule and various business interests, that includes motivational speaking, personal training, TV and film projects, how frequently are you able to personal train and is it difficult to stay motivated?

LF: I train 5 to 6 days a week for an hour and a half. I’m a big believer in being consistent.

C&K: Do you train cardio everyday too?

LF: I go 3 or 4 times a week. I keep everything in balance.

C&K: If I recall correctly, you’ve competed in the Mr. Olympia contest not too many years ago.

LF: Yes, I competed with Schwarzennegar. Then I retired and came back to competition in 92-93.

C&K: As an older contestant, did you have different types of obstacles that you had to overcome?

LF: Yes, the first obstacle, the biggest one, was to develop a hunger to compete again.

C&K: A mental thing?

LF: Yeah, because, you know, later in life you have a wife, you have a kid and you want to be hungry to become a champion. Then I became a runner up in the Masters Mr. Olympia afterwards I retired to go back to the film business.

C&K: Ever think of competing again?

LF: Not really because I proved what I had to prove. I just love staying in great shape.

C&K: How much different is training for a contest versus the regular maintenance routine that you’d do?

LF: Well training for a competition is very difficult because you have to spend more time. 4 – 5 hours a day. A lot of time is also spent on posing. Plus, the competition is just one day. If you are off even 5%, you lose.

C&K: When you prepare to compete, or when you’re just training for maintenance, there must be days when you don’t want to train.

LF: Oh definitely

C&K: So on those days you’re down, do you have any motivational tools to get yourself back up and get to the gym?

LF: Well what I usually do the night before, I pack my gym bag. This forces me to go. That is where most people fail. They procrastinate and don’t consistently get to the gym.

C&K: With your personal training business, what makes your approach different than other personal trainers?

LF: Well I teach personal training but, what’s different about me, is that I don’t have trainers. I train my clients personally. Plus, we have a state of the art facility in Santa Monica and one in the central coast by San Luis Obispo. I train people from all walks of life that include doctors and lawyers. Also, celebrities have been my clients in the past.

C&K: When you’re lifting for growth, is there a specific number of set or reps you’re looking for? Do you vary that, or how do you approach that?

LF: Well the sets will be the same. The reps should be done with intensity.

C&K: Do you use strict form or is cheating on a rep okay?

LF: A strict form. You’re better connected with the muscles.

C&K: In closing, I have to ask, what are your feelings to the governor of California?

LF: Well I wish him all the luck in the world. I think he’s going to do a good job.

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