Global Common Cents™

“Business & Lifestyle Strategies for International Entrepreneurs”

Welcome to our new publication. It is our pleasure to present a new & exciting weekly business periodical to you which has been literally 25 years in the making.

Some may recall our more than 10 years of publishing of C&K Magazine, which was an international business and lifestyle magazine presented in both print and online with a readership of exceeding 100,000. It is our intent to bring the same enthusiastic presentation which made C & K successful to this endeavor. Based upon our experience with investments, offshore business acquisitions, international travel, cuisine, business etiquette and other aspects of industry and lifestyle, it will be our goal to add value to your business week. In addition, we will bring to you many guest contributors who are experts in their chosen respective fields.

We look forward to this journey and hope you enjoy the new periodical.


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