Entrepreneurship is nothing without first inspiration. We have had the rare opportunity to meet and talk with some very inspiration personalities over the years. In our new “Inspire” section we share some of our favorite interviews, articles, books, quotes and thoughts on being and staying motivated. We hope you find this area of our site to be enjoyable and that you will visit it again and again.

Be Inspired:

Celebrity Interviews

Mario Andretti, Steve Garvey, Lou Ferrigno and many more share their perspectives on success and personal discipline.

Interview with Amanda Beard
Jeff Corbett Interviews Michele Smith Host of Speed Channel’s “American Thunder”
The Incredible Hulk Lou Ferrigno Speaks with Jeff Corbett
One of Racings’ Best Mario Andretti speaks with Jeff Corbett
Steve Garvey with Jeff Corbett

Our thoughts and Articles

We have studied goal setting and self discipline for over twenty years. To that end, we offer you some of our perspective regarding one of the most important subjects for any entrepreneur.

Critical Thinking By Jeffrey H. Corbett
Goals: Breaking The Comfort Zone by Jeff Corbett
Let Some Fires Burn Themselves Out by: Jeffrey H. Corbett

Motivational Videos

Some of our favorite video presentations from Tony Robbins to Zig Ziglar which last 3-10 minutes are here for your easy daily access.

Great Motivational Reads

The best books to keep you inspired are listed with websites where you can quickly order.

Great Quotes

From Vince Lombardi to Abraham Lincoln a quick quote provides insight to the thought process of some of the most accomplished people in history.

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