Corb7 International is an independent service provider and publishing firm geared to the global entrepreneurial sector. Our goal is to help clients create new avenues of profit, eliminate redundancies, reduce red-tape and create asset protection while being an unwavering advocate for international business. We provide both a hands-on approach as a business advisory where we will guide you through to a successful acquisition or merger – often to a friendlier business environment – while also authoring fresh and unique perspectives through our various publications meant to stimulate creative thought.

You can also be confident in our independent approach. We remain free from an allegiance to any one specific jurisdiction in order to provide our clients a true global advisory service with comprehensive solutions at the best possible pricing. Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and built from a solid foundation of knowledge, we take business beyond borders. Based upon 20 years of experience in worldwide markets, we have narrowed our focus to concentrate strictly on proven techniques that save time and money.

Business Solutions:

The recent global economic crisis has highlighted equally how fragile many of the best known financial institutions have become and the importance for entrepreneurs to have access to creative business solutions. Global markets have never been more competitive. To that end, our firm develops and implements multinational strategies that will assist you achieve your goals while protecting your family and business interests. The proper use of a multinational strategy is the ultimate business tool.

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