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“Random Thoughts for October 2012”

By Jeffrey H. Corbett

Not so long ago there was a point in time when the citizens of this country – the United States of America – came together in a manner which crossed over political and economic differences. It was born out of tragedy; yet, we came together with such a profound focus and sense of indignation it was nothing short of remarkable. Many of us lit candles, wore pins with flags or went about our daily lives adorning baseball caps with NYPD or NYFD insignias. It was of course the time immediately following 9-11-01 and the indescribable events of that day. We all suffered an unbelievable event as a nation but eventually we healed. The world watched and once again Americans proved themselves to be a diverse culture with a strong character and resolve.

For a polar opposite reason, the summer of 1968 was another watershed moment in the history of the United States. The National Guard was in the streets of every major city in the country. Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King were murdered that year. It was an awful time of riots, war and protests. The country was being torn apart at the seams over the escalation of hostilities in Vietnam and the human cost. As a nation it was perhaps the worse time for the Union since the Civil War. The events of that summer forged many of us in a way that still has a profound effect on our perspectives. Growing up during that period as a child, I found myself with a heighten awareness of current events, music and a healthy distrust of government. The American culture, however and yet again, demonstrated itself as one that could learn as well as adapt. Thus, the country survived 1968 and time moved on.

Unfortunate it now appears as if both periods of time have faded from our collective memory. The Presidential election of 2012 highlights the immeasurable differences pulling this country again in completely different directions. Worse yet, because of a deep seeded distrust – often seemingly bordering on hatred – neither side seems willing to compromise. Thus, economically and politically we are at a stalemate. As a result both the domestic economy of the United States and its international trading partners are being hurt. Political uncertainties eradicate businesses and therefore jobs are being lost.

Many of today’s issues simply defy commonsense. We have allowed political correctness and stubbornness to become a weakness. No matter who wins the November election it is imperative that political rhetoric be placed aside and compromise be the message of the day for the benefit of the nation. This zero sum game must stop. I’m just saying.

Books, Articles & Blogs – Review:

Entrepreneurship and international business is always intertwined with politics, personal motivation and government regulation. Here we offer books, articles and blogs which we think worth bringing to your attention

Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason Selk

Executive Toughness by Dr. Jason SelkThe author, Dr. Jason Selk, is an executive coach and a “mental toughness” coach for many highly successful business executives and world class athletes including the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team. His most recent work is an excellent self-coaching book with great content. The 10 Mental Toughness fundamentals he describes can be used to achieve any goal. Our favorite quote from Dr. Selk: “The fundamentals presented in this book have worked for every one of my clients who has made the commitment to using them over the past 15 years. When I say every client, I don’t mean most clients. I literally mean every client.” We highly endorse this book.

Dr. Selk’s website:

Younger Next Year by Chris Crowley

Younger Next Year by Chris CrowleyIf you are over the age of 40 then you really need to be aware of this book. “Younger Next year” is funny, well written and based in science. This common sense approach to successfully aging and remaining productive is a must read for those of us that need to remain productive and choose to be active. We are big fans of both Chris Crowley and his co-author internist Dr. Henry S. Lodge.

Chris Crowley’s website:

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