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IRS Amnesty

The IRS announced on February 8, 2011 the New Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative designed to entice those US citizens with undeclared foreign bank accounts to “come clean.”,,id=234900,00.html


Recent changes in Latvian law have made it simple to obtain EU Residence Permits via investment in Latvian companies or purchase of Latvian real estate. These residence permits allow the holder and his or her immediate family to live and work in any of the 25 Schengen Area countries for five years, with an option to renew the permit or apply for permanent residence as a path to citizenship. For more information please inquiry with us.


Film production is truly global endeavor. Through the use of innovative financing and investment incentives, the Emerald Isle is more than holding its own in this sector. With the introduction and continued support of s481 Ireland has become one of the most competitive and desired locations for film production. Blockbusters such as Braveheart and Saving Private Ryan have been shot here.


Long considered a premier location for the establishment of international investment funds, the Grand Duchy may also over another interesting business structure. SOPARFI (from FR: Societe de Participations Financieres) is a non-regulated holding company which may have very broad objectives. Typically, this entity is founded to facilitate the purchase or administration of financial holdings from any location and in any form of participation. Two types of shares are permissible which can be in either nominal or bearer form. Pre-existing SOPARFI’s or newly created ones are achievable.

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Other Recent Corb7 Publications

Latvia as a Safe Harbor

A powerful explosion occurred last Monday in the international baggage claim area of Moscow’s Domodedovo Airport. This apparent terrorist attack tragically killed 34 people at final count and injured another 170 individuals. Without question, this action highlights a long and growing concern about safety for the business investor and traveler in this region. To that end, Russia is frequently perceived as being unsafe. Click here to read more

Tax Reform: The Attempt to Incite Small Business Owners

No question that we need tax reform but what direction to take? This will be a very interesting question that will be addressed on both a federal level and state level over the next few months. Should we chase more business overseas with taxes? Currently, there is so much potential legislation that if enacted will be destructive to international business that it requires steeping back and really considering the ramifications. Click here to read more

Understanding What a STC is and What it is Not

Older Swiss Trust Companies (STCs) continue to n be in demand. With this demand has come more information on the internet which can be confusing and seemingly at times contradictory. It is after all the internet and anyone can post anything. The realities, however, of how an STC comes into existence and then becomes available for resale are not that complicated. We offer the following synopsis as a brief yet encompassing explanation. Click here to read more

Privacy; a Necessity not a Luxury

The year was 1917 and the location was Latvia. A poor and mostly agrarian country in Northern Europe’s Baltic region bordered to the north by Estonia and to the south by Lithuania. My grandparents were children at the time. As the saying goes, “timing is everything,” and theirs could not have been much worse. The Bolshevik Revolution began in October of that year starting in Petrograd (now St. Petersburg). It was quickly followed by another civil war – later to be coined the Russian Revolution – and spread throughout the various countries doomed to become possessions of the Soviet Union. It would be bloody and last until 1922. My great-grandfather became a casualty when a local preacher turned him in as a dissident and he was shot. Having personally witnessed this event, my grandfather would flee to the United States, leaving behind a world and relatives he would never see again. He met a woman, also of Latvian heritage, and together they started a new life. Click here to read more

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LuckyJets – A Private Jet Connection to Las Vegas

Lucky Jets was created with the single-minded mission to provide private jet travel to and from Las Vegas. Their stated goal is to preserve the experience and luxury of private jet travel, while offering a reasonable price.

Golf Jet – Austrian Golf Holidays via Private Jets

This premier jet service offers golf vacations departing from Melbourne to destinations throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Irish Castle Hotels

Unique travel accommodations in the Emerald Isle.

Caribbean Exclusive Villas

This is a great resource for select villas throughout the Caribbean.

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