Why you need to … Own your Own Magazine!

By Jeff Corbett
No other format delivers a more powerful punch than a magazine which can promote your business without being promotional! It may initially sound farfetched and perhaps you never considered the possibility but owning your own magazine might just be the key to unlocking additional profits in these challenging economy times.

Internet Marketing

The solution to successful marketing over the internet can be simply described but is not easily accomplished. It really comes down to content, presentation and making sure that search engines crawl your site and thus prospective clients will be able to find you via keyword searches. To accomplish this sufficient information needs to be given away free of charge which entices viewer and drives traffic to your site while raising your profile by increasing SEO (search engine optimization). Finally the visitor must be asked and motivated to take a desired action. Depending upon the business the visitor may be invited to buy immediately or move towards another interaction which eventually results in a sale. In vast majority of business websites, however, the presentation must be sufficiently compelling to have the visitor bookmark it and comeback yet again since sales rarely occur on the first visit. This is where a magazine can be difference maker.

Separate Yourself From Competitors

The hard sell is dead. As the internet has grown over the last decade so has the sophistication level of prospective clients. Everyone comparison shops and the only true method for selling is to build strong relationships with you clients. Interaction can obviously occur in many ways such as blogs, newsletters and mass emails but isn””t that what everyone is doing? To win you must be seen as a cut above the competition. If done professionally, you can promote your business through a magazine without the customer noticing because you will be providing them desired materials in an entertaining format.

What Does Your Magazine Look Like?

Today””s magazines have limitless options to explore in their approach and presentation. So for brevity, let””s sketch out in general terms what your magazine might look like. First, it will be digital which will dramatically keep costs down. Traditionally, magazines encountered no greater cost than the expense of printing with perhaps distribution coming in a close second. This digital rendition will have flipping pages to provide the feel of a print magazine which is easily controlled by the user. In addition, the periodical will likely have advertisements (either complimentary or paid), potentially celebrity interviews (if your industry lends itself to that), audio, video, background music and a cover promoting a feature article telling your company””s story. You may even want to do a professional photo shoot for your magazine cover. The magazine can be a onetime event to be posted on your company””s website or a periodical in which you schedule the frequency. It is all up to you. With the advent of the iPad the magazine will be totally green and portable. Finally, if you must have a printed edition you can have that option. Technology has made it possible to print on demand so your periodical can be fully digital and yet should you have customers that insist on a print copy that wish can be satisfied without wasting money on printing a large number of copies.

Take Advantage of Our Publishing Experience!

Corb7 International has a very special expertise which was developed while operating as a successful publisher for over ten years in the print and then digital magazine sector. We can offer you the benefit of that experience. In 1999, we were the driving force and principal owner of a magazine entitled Vision Magazine. Originally launched in print form, Vision Magazine went on to reach a readership of over 100,000 per issue. As predominately an in-flight periodical, the magazine could be seen on most major airlines. In 2005, it went digital, changed its name to C&K Magazine and became a pioneer in the online publishing field offering readers interactive features such as audio readings, live video, music and direct connectivity to products or companies featured in each issue. Content featured international business articles, high-end lifestyle features, celebrity interviews, health & fitness news and more. The following celebrities had appeared in the periodical: Amanda Beard, Mario Andretti, Cindy Margolis, Lou Ferrigno, Steve Garvey, Brian Tracy and many more.

Our firm now offers a turnkey packaged service which can result in you owning your own magazine for profit. This very special publishing service will promote your business by crafting a professional proprietary periodical for you. From start to finish, we can take you from a rough concept to a dynamic product encompassing all possible aspects of writing, design and promotion. This totally unique service will immediately enhance your position as an authority in the eyes of your prospects while dramatically increasing internet visibility.

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