^fl:^i^l^l^l^\rc c^l^\mpanic arc in a constant struggle for credibility Credibility IS assurance that a business is operating in a regulated, legal fashion to promote growth ethically Without credibility, offshore companies meet reluctance fion business partners and cannot implement a business plan effectively Switzerland is an internationally recognized financial jurisdiction The World Economic Forum's "GJobal Competitiveness Report" currently ranks Switzerland's economy as the most competitive in the world A number of factors contribute to this relatively small nation's ability to compete on the global scale: Social peace and political stability A leading economy with currency and price stability Highly professional international banls that focus on privacy First-rate infrastructure High productivity combined with high product and service quality First-class and world-renowned universities and technical institutes The Power to Deal in Secundes and Commodities Brokerage The Power of inventory Financing The Power to Deal in Shipping The Power to Create Correspondent Banking Reladonbps The Power of Collections The Power to Hold Patents The Power to Mske Acquisitions The Power to be Registered in Foreign Countries The Power to Sell Annuities The Power to Re-lnsure The Power to Counter-lnsure The Power to Create or Set Aside Outside Of Tbe Campany a Specid Fund The Power to Sell Endowments The Power to Act as Pension Advisor The Power to Deal in insurance Brokerage The Power to Provide insurance to Protect Employers Principals Against Worker injury The Power to Protect Employers and Principals Against Worker Related Liability The Power to Protect Employees and Principals Against Fraud by Agents Acting on Their Behalf The Power to Protect Employers and Principals Against Breach of Trust Agents The Power to Protect Employers and Principals Against Private Sureties by Agents The Power to Provide insurance Against injury, Damage or Accident The Power to Provide insurance Against Misadventure of any kind The Power to Provide insurance Against Theft or Burglary The Power to Provide insurance Against Fire The Power to Provide insurance Against Lightning The Power to Provide Health insurance The Power to Provide Automobile insurance The Power to Provide Mortgage insurance The Power to Provide Performance Bond insurance The Power to Provide Marine Insursnce The Power to Provide Surety Bond insurance The Power to Provide Compledon Bond insurance The Power to Provide investment Insursnce rail : l r r : l ' A Swiss Trust Company is authorized, but not limited to, conduct thefollowing business activities: The power to loan money The power to open any bank accounts, including trust and escrow accounts in any bank domiciled in the United States and/ or any bank domiciled in any international location The power to offer and service a complete range of world wide fiduciary services The power to participate in life insurance, fixed or variable annuity or life settlement policy, credit insurance The power to acquire, develop, hold, sell, trade, exchange, dispose, mortgage of real property, precious metals, natural resources It may engage in the general leasing business, franchising, money funds, mutual funds, formation of general limited partnerships, real estate investment trust Acts as a holding company for banks, savings and loans, insurance companies, small business investments, corporations and stock brokerage firms Reinsurance for political risk/trade and premium financing The signature of any commercial paper, debt obligation, bonds, stocks, securities, subscription agreements, and any other evidence of indebtness document or agreement binding upon such terms and conditions as determined by this and its Trustees The Power to Act as Natural Persons The Power to Act as Attorney-in-Fact The Power to Act as Officers, Agent, Employees The Power to Make Contracts The Power to Create Agencies and Joint Ventures The Power of investments The Power to Deal in Goodwill The Power of Donation The Power of Guarantee The Power of Trustee The Power to Act as investment Advisor Tbe Power to Act as Consultant d ,,' Through the acquisition of an appropriate S-l a client Will be able to issue a ide arra^\ of financial instruments Depending on the business model, these instruments may be provided for personal use to reduce typical bank fees, or they may be distributed to clients at a fee An STC may issue Letters of Credit, Safe Keeping Receipts, Promissory Notes, loans and a variety of other instnnents If the client requires another form of instrument, or needs an instrument from a large bank for a higher investmeatgrade rating, the client may utilize correspondent banking relationships to obtain these services at a low cost and much quicker than traditional means Client Example: A client in the research and development of gold mines expressed the following business needs: Feblisb a bullion bank to deposit gold from clients in return for SKRs Create leveraged credit lines using the hard asset Monetize in-ground assets for increased capital * With the acqJs;tion of on STC etobt;shed in 1968 in Zurich, Sw;tzcrland, the c_ implemented a lousiness plan in his first three months encompassing: Holding the value of assets in return for SKRs issued directly from company Gaining the ability to borrow up to 808/o of the value of the assets Monetizing up to 5% of in-ground, non-producing assets An STC, as a financial institution, is capable ot carrying out a ^\^\ isle variety Ot^hllO^nC\' management tasks Constantly utilizing third-party services costs time, money and valuable privacy for firms and their clients Managing private wealth offshore exempts a firm from regulation from the domestic government and, with ownership of an STC, greatly eliminates the need for a third party for tasks such as: Accepting funds from investors or clients to create working capital Distributing funds as needed to various markets world-wide Establishing subaccounts to manage multiple funds from one location Client Example: An international wealth manager with multiple real estate invesnent concerns expressed the following needs: Acquire an institution to hold and protect real estate Connect with appropriate banlcing institutions to leverage estate for increased capital Offer privacy and protection of assets to investors to accept and move funds seamlessly * with the acqisih'on of an SAC established in 1948 in Zug, Switzcrlonl, tJc client wee add to recognize thefolfowing results within one week: Obtain an offshore holding company to protect all real estate and fi nauncial assets Establish strategic banking relationships for leveraging of assets and money management Offer non-disclosure of investments to clients Trough multiple subaccounts while bnnn8 wire transfer services in house to increase privacy A small croup of private trusts and fiduciary companies have joined the elite connected to the major financial transfer systems such as SWIFT, Euroclear and Clearstream Through membership in these organizations, a relatively small, private financial organization can establish itself within the banking and securities system and affect a wire ban^sfer as quickly as Bank of Asnerica or Oppenheirner An STC can obtain direct membership in these organizations in a relatdvely small tirnefrarne If a client needs facilities immediately, a correspondent account can becrea^ledthata^lb^w^sforaccessdave Client Example: The owner of a Panasnanian FOREX brokerage expressed the following needs that his current offshore company could not provide: Obtain less costly access to SWIFT Acquire in a high-profile jurisdiction to facilitate intentional business and correspondent accounts with ease Provide for management of family assets and estate planning Obtain privacy and protection of assets through an offshore slucte Through acqfstton of on STC estoblshet ill /989 in Z^$r,sch, Swflond, he gal these advantages immediately: Obtain an institution that immediately provides for a participant SWIFT membership - Original: Processed 10 transfers per week $1,600 a transfer; Totaling approximately $64,000 per month - After Acquisition: Processed transfers $30 each; totaling approximately S19200 per month; Savings of $62,800 per month, $753,600 per year Set up subaccounts for management of family and personal funds separate from business considerations Gain unparalleled asset protection through the use of bearer share certificates and favorable Swiss privacy regulation A corrcsponlet^lt bank holds physical tieposits owned by other banks Whcn combined with experienced administration and the goodwill of an established STC, most major international banks, brokerages and insurance companies will welcome correspondent relationships, which are not easily formed on behalf of organizations established in jurisdictions of a lesser quality and reputation A correspondent banking relationship serves many purposes rar^tgirtg from use of SWIFT, Eur^Dc^lear or Clearslrean at a minimal cost to collateralizing assets for increased capital Cller,tt Example: An international payments proceaaor incurring high ban} fees expressed the following needs: Direct access to financial systems Ability to route Brads without the use of a third pork Autbority to process credit, debit or ACH transactions to cut ooze * Wdh tJc acquisition of an STC csllshcd /969 in Zurlch, Srrbn Bahia on ash tie accomplished the forgoing: Acquire the capability to obtain SWIFT, Euroclear or Clearstream licensing; establish a strategic correspondent banking arrangement to use licenses immediate^b Gain ability to process transactions, such as money wires and transfers, without a third patty Establish the use of credit, debit and ACH facilities through a Swiss Tnust Co npany and a processor to substantially cut bank fees Original: Limited to $ t M/month or about 2,000 transactions of rq $500 After Acquisidon: Unlimited processing using multiple banks Now processes 6,800 transactions approx $500 or a total volume of $3 4M per Irk Profit: Now processes $2 4M more per month HI mark-up of 1 88% Increased profit of S43^7200 per month; $518,400 per year Bearer Sh;^lres are not huh ject to the guidelines at o^ln^l^l^lo^l^1 shares because onersl^lip is ne\er recooriel When ownership of an STC is not disclosed, it is virtually impossible for creditors of an individual to obtain any company information A person seeking a judgment against a shareholder of an STC must have proof the individual has interest in the company Foreign judgments usually stop at the Swiss border Proof of the judgment must be provided to a Swiss court, and only then will a determination be made as to whether the offense is a violation of Swiss law Clients are able to consolidate family trusts and assets in one location while making the duties of the trustee less risky; with an STC, the Company, not its director or trustee, is responsible for any financial transgressions Client Example: An Irish citizen living in the UK with substantial private wealth distrd inlcrou expressed the following needs: Substantial privacy and asset protection for personal assets including gold, real estate and personal property Secure structure to manage family wealth Crass future generations; secure structure to act as custodian for business interests Obtain professional administrative representation without ceding control of merger of the trust * math the acqiPon of am STC tblishcd in 1972 ZIGS, SO t^aAtd TIC able to immediately: Gain unparalleled protection through bearer shares and favorable Swiss privacy legislation Be^Defit from the company's ability to manage multiple accounts to provide for various family interests without threat of loss of assets due to family dispute Establish himself and wife as the primary signatories and directors of the asaeb while benefttdng from the relationships and knowledge of Swiss representation STC8 are unique business tools that allow each owner or shareholder to implement an exact motel accg to personal preferences and strategies There are a few unnrerul benefits to be obtamod through acquidon Secure asset protection and privacy Structure ownership through Bearer Shares Utilize Swiss privacy guarantees Obtain correspondent banking relationships Ease of interaction with various international Mazola, including a drwg peso Facilitate FOREX trading Collateralize assets Access SWIFI, Euroelear, Clearstrearn or AUDI facility Easily transfer fiends through various international Marie and currency Facilitate FOREX trading Provide international financial management Accept fimds raise capital Distribute funds to various markets increase ability to engage in trust service sctivitie Provide management contracts for portfolio _ Issue financial instruments Letters ofCredit Safe Keeping Receipts Promissory Notes nc cqcb of at S7Ytopc^lfon dfiou A_ Oafish c_lii^J *c Kimono ,:lr^q A_ The encral public typically relates It^le tcr^l^l^1 trust with Asset l'rotection Trusts, Foreign Situs Trusts, irrevocable Trusts or Real Estate Investrnent Trusts A Private Trust Company ^1PTC) such as an STC, however, is an entirely different type of insdtution PTCs can and do serve as business expansion tools offering financial services to their beneficial owners and clients While an STC ^tlilcrs greatly Irons other tonns of trusts it is rather similar to a Private International Bank As a financial institution, an STC may perform a wide range of fiduciary functions typically associated with banks There are a few, specific actions reserved only for banks Primary among the functions reserved for banks is retail banking facilides; to clarify, an STC does not provide its owners the ability to take regular Cash Deposits (CDs) from the general public Other banking functions include issuing of Bank Guarantees and Standby Letters of Credit However, STCs may issue a variety of bank instruments as covered on pave 16 Other options for Non-Bankh^l Financial institutions may include Intcrnational Busincss ( orporations (IBCs), offshore foundations, offshore mutual funds, offshore hedge funds and offshore insurance companies to name a few Nearly every nation, including the United States, provides some type of offshore business structure The details that make an STC unique are vast and varied, but a few major factors set the structure apart from other offshore companies The most important factors are detailed OD pages 22 and 23 and include: Prestige of the jurisdiction Age of toe institution Credibility and responsiveness of the 4^mjd^Qlioa 9, AD STC is a type of Private Trust Company organized for the purpose of perfor Ig broad and discretionary fiduciary, administrative and financial services to its owners While there are runny offshore financial models to choose fiom an STC is a umique structure / lams Fly A Sylvia Trust Company, hereafter STC, is anon ing Financial institution located in Switzerland and authorized to provide a variety of benefits to its shareholders and operators Traditionally, corporations in Switzerland were formed as either finance companies or trust companies In their truest forms, a finance company is established to raise capital from public sources whereas a trust company is typically established through a law firm for estate planning purposes Corb7 international with the assistance of Swiss administrators, pioneered the concept of combining the functions of the finance company with the privacy and asset protection of a trust company Corb7 International recognized a unique need to achieve both sides of the coin; an STC offered the structure to serve this purpose Today, Corb7 international utilizes the basic structure of an STC to customize strategic development for international financial professional and muld-nation buiness owners It should be noted that this strategy is a proprietary product of Corb7 international created based on our cperie^T^lce and at our expense Evolution of a Swiss Trust Company Swiss Trust Compaoy A Swiss Trust Company is Not a Trust A Swiss Trust Company is like a Private Bank A Swiss Trust Company has an Edge on Altanatives Fbnctional Structure: Benefits and Strategies of a So t Company Gain Asset Protection and Privacy Obtain Correspondent Banking Relationships Access S\'IFT [urclcar Clcariu-cam air ASH lacilit Proidc international Financial Management Issue Financial Instnunents Authorities of a Swiss Trust Company Stable Location: Welcome to Switzerland Credible Business: A Seasoned Swiss Trust Company Ethical Administraffon: Meet Our Associates Introduction to Corb7 international inc Corb7 I^Dternatio^Dal Inc Senior Ma^Dagement 15 16 18- 19 20 22 23 24 25 '^l\ 7 LEVEI5 OF STRATEGIC DEVELOPhENT FQR INTERNAllQNAL BUSINESS CONTROL DIVERSIFICATION RISK MANAGEMENT RAISE EQUITY MONETIZE ASSETS ASSET PROTECTION CONSOL1DAT10N With Corb7 international, driven leaders in international finance rely on winning strategies to cut costs, preserve wealth and capture profit fmm new markets within this sound business fiamewor A Swiss Trust Company is a rare, focused model that allows discerning entreprenuers to employ these strategies fit ^c^c^1 Ad ill Arts Italy i^ii^jii,^ir _ CORB7 I INTERNATIONAL INC 7Levcls of Strategic Developmentforlnternaonal Business Telephone: 310-601-3115 Debate: www Corb7 com E-mall: contactcob7 com Copyright 0 2010 Corb7 International, loc 1 l With more than two decades of operational and management experience, Jeffrey Corbett has developed a keen understanding for how international businesses can get bloated with redundancies or inefficient networks resulting in the loss of both time and money To that end, the "Seven Lcvels Strategic Development" solution was created by him This in-depth ^l^lproach allows an entrepreneur to retool achieving a sleeker, smoother and oore strategically focused organization An advocate for bringing critical functions in-house, his clients range from small to mid-cap international concerns that can appreciate the additional control and cost reductions Previously, in 1991 Mr Corbett co-founded Worldwide Business Consultants, Inc which became a multimillion dollar a year business acquisition concern WBC was a highly specialized firm that facilitated captive ownership of financial institutions such as banks, trust companies and insurance companies In 1998 he co-authored an acclaimed book, "Behind the Offshore Veil" which was marketed through his own publishing company and Arnazon com This work is currently in its third edition and can be found at lUniverse com These successes led to the development and publishing of a high-end lifestyle magazine CASK Magazine was launched in November of 1999 As a quarterly publication C&K boasted a circulation of 110,000 Mr Corben served as Publisher, Editor and frequent contributor to the magazine Prior to 1991 Mr Corbett had been employed as a Stockbroker with the firms of Dean Winer Reynolds ant then later Kidder Peabody & co As an investment professional, Mr Corbett's perspectives regarding the financial markets could be heard on major radio stations or as a much in demand public speaker Charitable and Alumni Organizations: Founder, Los Angeles Chapter of the Buorucordi Fu^Dd to Cure Paalys Phi Delta Theta Alumni Sponsor, Christian Children's Fund Honors and Awards: Member - Honorable Order of Kentusly Coloneh 1 Corb7 International is an independent service provider geared to the global entrepreneurial sector Headquartered in Beverly Hills, California and built from a solid foundation of knowledge as well as experience, we take business beyond borders Based upon 20 years of experience in worldwide markets, we narrowed our focus to concentrate strictly on proven techniques that save international business owners time and money These "seven levels of strategic development" assist our clientele merchandise their business overseas in addition to attracting vital partnering with international financial institutions Our mission is to keep our clients on the cuningedge of competitive advantage As the brainchild of Jeffrey H Corben an accomplished entrepreneur, author and magazine publisher Corb7 international perfonns as an advocate for international business through its publications, networks and strategies CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 468 North Camden Drive, Suite 200 Beverly Hills, California 90210 EXECUTIVE MANAGEMENT: jitney H Corbett President President & CEO WEBSITE: www Corb7 com TELEPHONE: 310-601-31 15 EMAIL: colact7 &om Our representative offices in Geneva, Switzerland, are specifically designed to accommodate the clients of Corb7 international that wish to establish an administrative base in Switzerland and the surrounding European landscape Since each client has unique needs, the degree to which an administrator will be involved in the business plan will vary However, each client will retain the services initially to provide support in implementing the key elements of the business or personal weahh strategy Administrative assistance may fncle: Liaison of Dice Swill, Eurocleor and Clear Stream processing Opening of correspondent accounts Establishment of institutional relationships Tax advice Record maintenance Transaction accounting Financial accounting statements Nominees Telephone services Bookkeeping Jnformatfon dissemJnotion and controls Public relations Th^o^uyi^1 t^elati^\^el^! small, Switzcrland has 6 ^/ ^millit^1 i^nl^lahita^n^ls 16% of those living in Switzerland are foreign citizens, pointing to the cosmopolitan nature of the population While the four national languages of Switzerland are German, French, Italian and Romansch, most professionals speak working English Switzerland is one of the oldest democracies in the world, established in 1848 For the last thirty years, the federal executive has consisted of a coalition between the country's main political parties, assuring balance neutrality and free-enterprise SO itzcrlantl is in^ltcn^lationall^! rcc^togniz ^tl as a prca^l^licr banl^ih^lg center larycly due to its strong foundation of freedom of trade and commerce, strong work ethics, technical knowledge and entrepreneurial talent Economic development through the last few decades has been marked by strong growth against a background of low inflation, high capacity utilization, modern technology, high productivity and relatively high wages and salaries Swiss hanks ha^\c sstainctl a n^E^t^li^tion o^l^Esscm^l^l^E^lagcmcn^t anti financial privacy for more than one hundred years Emerging as a prominent global trend around the Second World War, Swiss banks now manage about one third of all privately invested assets worldwide Two-thirds of this approximately USSI trillion is from foreign investors Swiss bank secrecy is the result of centuries of tradition, not just a current ploy to attract capital Swiss government and financial regulators have worked to comply with international standards while maintaining the steadfastly private, free economy that made it a global player ^ 't,11,' ^ Beyond location, several other factors contribute to interoational credibility for a private financial institution Recently, many jurisdictions have altered legislation to lure foreign investors with ploys to establish new financial institutions at a low fee with little or no regulation These benefits are enough to entice potential business in some cases However, in other cases, these institutions will not provide the level of international prestige and financial history required to implement a business plan Why establish a wholly new institution when you can acquire a company with decades of good credit and working relationships with top international banks? cquJrJn a seasoned company provides a hvofold benefit: Organize under grandfather laws that provide for ownership in Bearer Share Certificates, detailed on page 12 e Capitalize on the history of the corporation including previous banking connections, financi credit and goodwill offered to companies with a proven history