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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Vintage Swiss Trust Company

Date: 28 October 2013

Vintage Trust Company administration arranged through Corb7 International. For the benefit of our clients Corb7 International has signed on ongoing agreement with one of the most prestigious law firms in Zurich, Switzerland to provide administrative and legal services for Vintage Swiss Trust Companies acquired through our company. This firm in particular is special in that it maintains an SRO (Self Regulatory Organization) designation which assists clients in meeting AML obligations and state-of-the-art facilities. This is one of several standing agreements that Corb7 keeps in place and continues to represent a commitment to bring outstanding service to our clientele. Vintage Swiss Trust Companies without outstanding administrative services simply fail to succeed.

Corb7 International in Switzerland

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Nearly 20 years ago, we literally developed and branded the modern-day use of Swiss Trust Companies for Profit and Asset Protection. The best way to explore whether or not a Swiss Trust Company will fit your needs, and in particular the acquisition package we offer, is for us to schedule a brief conversation over the phone. If you’re interested in owning a Vintage Swiss Trust Company we are interested in doing everything humanly possible to help you do so.

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