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A Swiss Trust Company (STC) is a hybrid corporate entity that will likely have its origins as a Family Trust or an IBC (International Business Corporation) many years ago. Most are dormant and the previous activities are of little or no consequences since there are no assets or liabilities. What is of importance is that at some point the entity went through a conversion to a Non-Banking Financial Institution. All Swiss Trust Companies are established by taking an older corporate entity, renaming it, changing the Articles of Association and then finally getting approval from the appropriate Swiss Canton. This is a very detailed process that usually takes months of filings and work… Click here to learn more

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Why Swiss Trust Company?

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Why Swiss Trust Company?

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Client Testimonials

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank Jeff Corbett and his firm Corb7 International for the outstanding service we received during our acquisition of a Swiss Trust Company. Jeff and his team made the process a true turnkey which saved us both time and money. His expertise targeted the perfect company for us to meet our specific goals while arranging for local administration we can trust. In addition, we found the materials from the Corb7 International website were by far the most informative and straightforward available. We felt very comfortable throughout the entire acquisition with all of our questions being quickly and thoroughly addressed. I would highly recommend their firm and the services they offer.”

Tom Hughes
Founding Partner, PINtronic International Network AG
Zurich – Switzerland

“Please consider this letter as an expression of my satisfaction and gratitude regarding the services provided by Jeff Corbett and his firm Corb7 International. The counsel he provided to us has been immeasurable in our effort to expand business operations overseas and go public in Europe. It has been my experience that Jeff is a true professional who holds every conversation in the highest regard. His working knowledge of Swiss Trust Companies as it relates to real world business applications is unsurpassed. I enjoyed working with him and give him my highest recommendation.”

David Feldsher
Founding Partner, PINtronic International Network AG
Zurich – Switzerland

“The capital has breathed new life into our company and opened many doors of opportunity for us to move even faster towards our goals. We really appreciate your fast and attentive service.”

James Moss
US Global Marketing Group, Project Funding Client

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