One of the most important decisions that you will ever make is how to structure your business interests. With the dramatic expansion of the internet more businesses than ever hold substantial assets in multiple nations. This, of course, adds to the complexity of structuring requirements. Corb7 International is one of the world’s leading independent provider of global business structuring services for entrepreneurs with multinational interests. Through our expertise and vast network of professional sources we will meet you needs and let you get back to what you do best – running your own business.

As you consider the many organizational options that you have as a business owner we would encourage you to become familiar with the concept of a Swiss Trust Company. It is unlike any other structure and truly is a cutting-edge business tool. In our opinion it is one of the preeminent corporate structures available to today’s businessperson. Owning a Swiss Trust Company offers you the opportunity for Profit, Privacy and Asset Protection while establishing a beachhead in one of Europe’s premier locations. It should not be confused with an Asset Protection Trust. Swiss Trust Companies are working entities designed to have very broad and discretionary authority. The initial investment outlay varies according the age of the structure. As a rule of thumb, the older Trust Companies are more appropriate for clients who wish to make it a functioning Non- Banking Financial entity. To that end, on the behalf of our clients we can 1) Form a new Trust Company 2) Acquire a younger Trust Company or 3) Target and acquire and old Trust Company which brings with it years of corporate goodwill and prestige.

Global Business Structures

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Trust Companies

A Trust Company is a business entity organized specifically for entering into Fiduciary, Trustee or Agent relationships
with individuals or organizations to administer assets… Learn More

Bank Ownership

Bank ownership is not appropriate for every organization because it can be very expensive and
time consuming… Learn More

Captive Insurance Companies

A Captive Insurance Company is an insurance company that primarily insures the risks of businesses
which are related to it through common ownership usual a parent company… Learn More

Special Purpose Vehicles

A Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) is a financial entity created for the purpose of fulfilling a very specific
or temporary objective… Learn More

Asset Protection Trusts

An Asset Protection Trust is a legal structure that splits the beneficial enjoyment of trust assets from
their legal ownership… Learn More


Foundations can trace their origin to approximately 100 years ago in Western Europe… Learn More

Offshore IPOs

Taking a non-US based entity public offshore might be an excellent means to solve specific and
unique business problems or raise equity for a current subsidiary… Learn More

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