Swiss Trust Company “Educational Series” (Part 2)

Posted On May 26, 2016
What Exactly is a Swiss Trust Company? Swiss Trust Companies are sanctioned by Federal Tax Authority (Bern, Switzerland) and the Registrar in the Canton of incorporation. A Private Swiss Trust Company is a self-regulated privileged entity (not directly regulated by FINMA, which oversees banks and brokerages). The Swiss system for the establishment of Trust Companies […]... Read more

Swiss Trust Company “Educational Series” (Part1)

Posted On May 18, 2016
Why Own a Swiss Trust Company? As a Non-Banking Financial Institution, a Swiss Trust Company offers one primary benefit to ownership and numerous secondary advantages.  First and foremost, a Swiss Trust Company stands alone for anyone who wishes to manage money and profit from those activities.  It is inexpensive to purchase (and operate) and can […]... Read more

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